4 reasons why your practice needs social media to clean and polish your image online

Social media is  necessary for your practice just like anesthesia for your root canals procedures. As your potential patients are embracing social media as part of their daily life, the absence of your dental practice from the social networking scene might be costing you a big opportunity to market your clinic to hundreds and thousands of potential patients out there. Here are a few points to convince you to jump into the realm of social media marketing now!

  1. Numbers never lie:  Dentists cannot ignore the fact that Facebook alone has over a billion users worldwide. Also, more than 80% of all American adults use social networking sites. And when more than 90% of them consult online reviews before both purchasing or referring a product or commodity online, your practice needs to have an online presence where you and your customers promote and speak for your work.
  1. It gives your practice the Image and exposure it deserves:  Social media gives private practitioners leverage to display their skill and show off their credibility with minimum investment. It provides them with Greater visibility, ease of direct connectivity with potential customers and also a chance to amplify and enhance their image and promote their business on their terms.
  1. It boosts your search engine ranking remarkably: Higher search engine ranking helps your practice get instant visibility and customer conversions. When most online users refer to only to he first 11 listings on an average, it’ is very important for your social media page to generate enough traction to be on top of the relevant search engine listings. The more interesting and relevant content you will share on your page , the more traffic and activity you will gain, which in turn will shoot up your listing on the search engines tremendously.
  1. It is the place where your patients review your work: In today’s world, customers consider online reviews as the most honest source of marketing. Your social media page is where your happy patients can go and testify for the great experience they had in your dental clinic. They can talk about their apprehensions and fears which your treatment relieved flawlessly ,which will help potential customers relate to their situation and hence will develop their confidence and faith in your capabilities before they even visit you.

Also , with a casual request or a tiny discount and incentive you can ask your patients to share their review on their social media page , where each review on an average will give you an exposure to 400 new potential clients. If you don’t like sending reminders on your own , there are apps which do the review requests and sharing on your behalf.

So get social and get ahead. Use your credibility and great work to rope in more and more customers every day. It’s truly the most honest way to show the world  that you are the best at fixing those smiles to perfection.


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