5 simple tips to generate more amazing reviews for your small business

Today reviews are the quintessential digital word of mouth and if you believe the statistics almost 82% of consumers trust online reviews blindly. Shocking! isn’t it. Help your customers help you gain credibility with these simple but effective pointers.

  1. Always request your loyal customers to leave a review before they go.
  2. Try to fit in a review link wherever you canin your email signature, in all your promotional texts and emails.
  3. Educate  your customers about your review page and presence on social networks so they know where to review your company.
  4. Remember negative reviews do more damage than anything so quickly respond to them and reconcile by apologizing and asking for another chance to help change their mind. Use an offer to tempt them if you want
  5. Display a few example reviews and testimonials on your website to inspire your customers to pitch in.
  6. If possible introduce a few discounts for clients for the next meal if they leave a positive review.

Keep in mind that reviews good or bad are just a reflection of how you do business. Therefore its completely in your hands to keep the good work going to gain more positive reviews and convert every good review into a customer attracting asset. But when it comes to collecting reviews you need to be aggressive in pushing and convincing your customers to leave a positive review behind. More reviews, higher SEO , more customers everytime.


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