5 tips to get more reviews

What is common between a denizen searching for a good spot for a date night, an employee scrolling down the Google’s search list for a good vendor for services and a young couple running a search for bridal collections?

The answer is they are all looking at reviews

Yes, reviews play a big part in our digital world with search engines rating and social media ranking becoming the pulse of survival. A customer’s Instagram picture with your cronut goes viral and soon the footfall at your outlet increases. A Few misplaced words of anger and frustration about your restaurant’s wait staff can lead to multilevel complains visible to thousands. An internet troll could make your down fall his quixotic mission. These are not extreme probabilities but a chunk of our digital reality. We are all digital savvy and 81% of your customers carry out their own online investigation before buying a product or subscribing for services.

To make a significant impact in the market today you need reviews. As a business owner you certainly know how challenging it is to get a good review, and how easy it is for a bad one to find its way online in a matter of minutes. So how do successful businesses manage to list numerous accolades in their review sites? Well the answer to that lies in their approach towards reviews itself.

Here are five techniques to get reviews from satisfied customers.

  • Get it done immediately – Most customers won’t take the time to write a good review if it has to be done at their own convenience. So once you have served them, ask them to do it immediately right before they walk out the door. The point is to see it through without being too pushy. For example when you finish your meal at restaurant and waiting for the check, your waiter places a beautiful looking piece of paper and an elegant looking pen in front of you with a smile and a request. There you go, your review is done.
  • Simplify your whole system – You really can’t ask your customer to give you a good feedback on all media platforms. It’s too much work. In all honesty, they will only indulge you if the review process is simplified. Don’t ask them for personal details; don’t even think about a lengthy feedback form. One tap, few words and voila! You have a good review. Keep it simple!Some hospitals hand you an ipad with a few quantitative and qualitative questions and a few empty spaces to fill out your views while they generate your bills.

  • Incentives – Reviews are sometimes hard to come by but through a little persuasion, you can get it done in a cost effective manner. Incentives aren’t always monetary. It could be points in a loyalty program, a coupon for a discount, being a part of a community and so on.
  • Use a mobile responsive platform – It is important to realize that most customers log in through their phones. If you have a platform that is not mobile friendly, it could annoy your customers and you could lose out on many good reviews. Using a streamlined mobile responsive platform is going to add to a satisfactory customer experience. Some of the taxi servicesuse it efficiently.
  • Follow up – If you have asked for reviews by email, always be sure to follow up in the next two days. An immediate follow up is required because the experience remains fresh in their minds and it also creates an unconscious sense of urgency that can work in your favor.

The key to having good reviews is to engage with customers on a personal level. A gentle smile, an impactful interaction and timing your request can go a long way. If you have more questions on improving your business reviews, reach out to us and our expert consultants can guide you to those 5 star ratings.

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