This app lets you promote your business on your customers Facebook timeline.

According to stats, social media has a 100% more lead to close rate than your regular outbound marketing techniques.Did you know that almost 71 percent of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site such as Facebook?

Indeed, social media now accounts for almost one-quarter (22.5 percent) of all time that U.S. citizens spend online, and this weight of activity transcends down to all levels – an incredible 91 percent of searchers say that they use Facebook to find local businesses online.

What if we tell you there is an app that not only helps you promote your business via great online customer reviews to boost up your SEO to the top of the charts but also lets you tap into the social media friend base of your happy customers. With an average of 400 friends per Facebook user, multiply your customer reach by the count of hundreds and thousands, all with a simple download.

Find how GoBiggi review helps your business market itself to soaring client base and ever increasing revenue.

With the GoBiggi App, every new customer gets a review request from you which contains an attached review link which leads them to review your product or service based on their experience.

A four or five stars rated review gets posted online directly whereas a review with a lower rating takes a detour to come to you first so you can contact that customer to make amends personally. With the first review itself, you get your own online review page, which helps you climb the search engine rankings rapidly. Hence, with each added review, find your self to be found in the top positions when a customer searches for a related service online.Also with each review, all your customer details get Automagically added to the GoBiggi dashboard so you know where to find all the information while planning that next marketing campaign or promotions.

The most ground breaking feature of GoBiggi review App is that it enables your happy customers to share their amazing words of praise for your business on their own social media timeline. With GoBiggi reviews, your happy clients who are  giving you 4 or 5 stars will get an option to share their experience with you on their Facebook page with a single click. With known faces recommending and backing your credibility  to hundreds of their social media friends you are guaranteed to get new client walk-ins every single day.

Also with an average 400 friends per Facebook user , increase your potential client base by hundreds per happy customer.


Sounds too convenient to be true. Click NOW for a Demo and to know how GoBiggi has changed the way small businesses owners market their work .


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