GoBiggi Connect : Your new business handshake


When others around you fumble with business cards, flash the brilliant new Gobiggi Connect App and get noticed.

With Gobiggi connect, exchange and store client details all in a matter of seconds. Send your  ”Gobiggi business card” carrying  your details, to a new contact which can be easily synced with their phonebook. No losing valuable information anymore.

This is how it works


Instant introduction email for a lasting business impression: When doing business, always, Strike while the iron is hot! While exchanging contacts, send a predesigned introductory email representing you and your work to your client instantly. Now Impress people with a quick response and innovative approach. Because a lasting impression counts the most when it comes to building new connections.


Immediate notification with every click: The access to client activity now lies in your hands .Get notified every time your email gets clicked, when awaiting a response from the client. Zero confusions, no delays hence higher conversion.


Search a contact any way you remember: When adding a contact, Gobiggi connect automagically stores this information to your Gobiggi dashboard. So you can add notes and an associated meeting or event specific to that contact. When you are not able to recall a specific contact, just type in the associated event or details and Voila! Its all sorted.


Multiple templates make customizations easy: When catering to different genre of clients, use the advantage of multiple templates to help categorize your introduction emails. Add , choose and send a specific email for a chosen set of contacts. Simple , convenient , effective – all in one go

Easily strategize your next promotion:  Gobiggi dashboard gathers, stores and aligns all your contacts from your web enquiries, email address and your phone, all at one place .So when planning to run that next crucial marketing campaign, experience the ease of having all your contacts in one place. Also, run your promotions in a single click when you sync Gobiggi connect with Gobiggi promo.


With Gobiggi connect skip the conventional , and  get noticed. Do the different, and rise above from the sea of competitors as you leave a lasting impression every time.

“Let your client appreciate the way you do business”. click to get rolling in clients now




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