How to turn negative customer feedback into a positive association.

When you start a business you cater to a huge market. Its not necessary that everyone will appreciate your work immediately. A negative review or feedback will often seem like a punch in the stomach. It is justified to feel disheartened and even angry when someone criticizes your effort and hard work. But its never justified to act on the anger. instead change your perspective and consider every review as an opportunity to fix something before a second client experiences it. Here are a few tips helping you to handle that negative customer feedback.

  • Always cool down before you respond : always consider the other side of the coin too. Your customer had chose to spend their hard earned money on your commodity and did not get a fair return. However, an honest apology with ears open for suggestion can totally change their opinion of you. Just let go of any offence taken and frankly approach the dissatisfied customer with an honest approach.
  • Consider every feedback as a tip to improve : Patiently register everything that a customer has to say as this could be the exact information you need. While running a business your hectic schedule might not allow you to monitor everything in detail. This is where reviews come in hand. They are a first hand account of the small mistakes that might be happening at various levels in your organization. Hear , understand and improvise ASAP.
  • Respond as fast as you can : as the review is visible to countless potential customers online, be quick to respond to their complaints and request them to avail the service again to change their mind and the review. Believe it, customers complain to be heard. Just do that and see how they change their opinions.
  • Offer some sort of incentive or discount when asking for a revisit: it will be nothing in compared to the loss that that negative review does to your business.
  • Correct the customer if they are wrong: if you ever feel that there is some misunderstanding or confusion and the client is being unreasonable, stand your ground but always in a polite tone. It would give an impression that you are professional yet super confident about the service you deliver.


Also there are some apps that allow you to filter what goes online when customers rate or review you. This gives you an opportunity to attend to the customer complaint before they choose to post something online.

When 9 out of 10  consumers refer online reviews before making an expenditure you cannot avoid this aspect of online marketing, all you can do is make the most of it.





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