Can your private practice shine in the era of corporate dentistry?

With corporate dental chains popping a clinic in every nook and corner of your city, the decrease in patient footfall and losing your revenue must be your greatest concern today. Your clinic which you have set up with so much love and toil might be in danger of losing its existence. Don’t lose heart yet as these five magical tips would help you rise above the corporate race and you will never be at the risk of losing any patients anymore.

  1. Don’t be just a dentist, be a friend : the one thing that is a major disadvantage when it comes to the corporate culture is the lack of warmth .Although these  corporate dentists might be seeing more patients than a private practice dentist, they couldn’t really have a relationship with the patient. The friendly relationships are one of the things that make being a dentist special. Very small things like addressing the patient by their first name, asking about the family and the new job, congratulating them on their children’s achievements make all the difference. That is the secret of maintaining a longer patient association.
  2. Build an impressive online presence : Your website needn’t be very technologically advanced or have crazy animations but it needs to have a few basic inclusions. There are a few mandatory factors which a patient looks for in your website. Make sure there is detailed description of both the dentist and the staff with pictures. This helps the patient to feel familiar with everyone when they visit your clinic. Also, include before and after photos of your patients ,videos displaying various dental procedures in detail and important dental hygiene guidelines and a small FAQ section for any patient queries. Also, display your contact and location details to help find you easily.
  3. Prove your credibility via online reviews: Request your satisfied customers to leave reviews describing their dental experience at your office. If a potential patient is searching for dentists online and they see your dental practice boasting an average 5-star rating compared to the corporate practice that has mostly three-star reviews, who do you think they are going to choose? Online reviews are the most honest and relatable form of online marketing .if you don’t ask your patients for reviews, you are already a massive step behind. So start now!
  4. Use social media to spread the word: have a social media page assigned to your practice. This is where you can post any new advanced equipment you are adding to your practice, any positive customer reviews and maintain a gallery displaying your greatest work be it an IOPA of that perfect RC, that accurate orthodontic procedure and that flawless veneering. Also, some review apps help you to tap into your patient’s social media friend base when they review you on their page.

So don’t consider the advent of all these corporate dental enterprises as a threat but treat this as an opportunity to compete and prove that unlike them your office provides the patient with the best personalized dental experience which is also most advanced yet friendly. When they come to you they will be always welcomed and well heard and treated as a member of your own family, unlike the corporate chains which treat you like another brick in the wall. To help get any technological assistance on the above mentioned tasks click here

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