If you think your legal practice isn’t affected by online reviews, read this.


Lawyers have been believed to earn their reputation through their interaction and understanding of their clients and a word of mouth description of how well they have catered to their client’s needs. But in this day and age, online reviews are considered as the new word of mouth.

Being a  Lawyer it can get awkward for you to ask clients for a review, but in today’s world of oversharing, you need to move past these concerns. People, particularly those who grew up in this digital age, will be suspicious and disengaged if they can’t find any third-party testimonials online about your practice.

Let us look at the numbers .

A new survey reveals that consumers are more likely to hire a lawyer who has online reviews. Two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they would be more likely to hire a lawyer with online reviews. This is especially true for younger consumers, as an overwhelming 81 percent of Millennials (age 18 to 35) are more inclined to hire lawyers with online reviews. But even a majority of Baby Boomers (age 55 to 70) feel the same way.

59% percent of people say they have used online reviews when choosing a professional service provider, such as a lawyer or doctor. Nearly 71 percent of Millennials have used consumer reviews of professional services, along with nearly half (49 percent of Baby Boomers).

Online reviews not only help brag about your efficiency but when people post more and more online reviews about you or your firm online, you get the chance to soar up in your local SEO rankings and be the first to be found when someone is looking for legal aid in your community.

With Gobiggi get client reviews with the ease of a single message and control what is said about you online. Not only that , now tap into your client’s social media friend base and get the exposure that your legal practice deserves.

When the numbers are this staggering , how can you avoid such a game-changing platform for your practice? Online reviews are the most honest and effortless way to market your credibility and draw in multiple new clients everyday.

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