Why 2016 is “the year” for small businesses to flaunt their own Website.

As 2016 dawns as the year of the entrepreneur, it also marks the unavoidable necessity of
having an online presence when it comes to introducing, marketing and expanding your small
medium business. If you’re not leveraging this platform, you’re putting your company at a
distinct disadvantage of slowly disappearing among the competitors which have adapted the
trick of aligning their conventional marketing strategy with their online marketing goals.

Believe the numbers.

According to a 2013 survey conducted by Internet search company Google and research
company Ipsos,45% percent of small businesses had a website. That was a slight improvement
from the year before, when 42% percent said they have a website. But coming to the latest
trends, according to a survey done in 2016 by a B2B research firm Clutch, the numbers have
increased to a whopping 54% (5 out of 9). When more than half of your competitors have a
website promoting their business on the digital platform, your sales will take a toll for sure
Is your impression as a business owner professional or casual?
Even if you work from your garage or sell your product in a farmers market or flea market , the
customer will ask you how and where they can reach you and just handing them a business
card with your name and number on it, does not look professional enough in today’s world. By
not having a website you are not only limiting your reach but also not allowing people who
already love your product to spread the good word, hence shunning your chances to grow.
Represent your business with a personal suave
For small business owners, what sets them apart from the competition is how much of their
personality is reciprocated in their product. Your website gives you an opportunity to showcase
your love and your personal touch that you put into your business. There are various levels of
advancement like from a “brochure” site to ones that are used for e-commerce. If your site has a
blog, you can leverage relevant key words and tell your story. It’s free, its simple, its honest.

This can be done on a tight budget also you can then leverage social media on top of it.
With partners like Gobiggi, experience convenience of having your own stunning website at the
expense of minimum cost and effort. Log on to www.gobiggi.com to give life to the website of
your dreams.

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