How 2019 Customer Trends Benefits You?

2019 consumer trends
What people buy? How much they spend?  

Consumer trends will tell you. Consumer trends collect data and trends. How we use a product? What we communicate about a brand and product in the social network. 

Digital growth, globalization, and a changing economy are all undergoing massive transformations which will dramatically impact customers and how they interact with brands. 

Small Business and individual are seeing the changes as an opportunity. They communicate to the consumer the consumer-preferred method. 

Let’s take a deep dive and find out more about how 2019 customer trends can affect you. 

Goodbye Cable

Cable TV is dying and being replaced with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu. In November Apple will enter the game with TV Plus and Disney with its own streaming service. The number of U.S. adults that will have traditional TV will decline by 10 percent from 2016 to 2021 according to a study by eMarketer. Customers love the on-demand streaming services options, and with increasingly improving bandwidth speeds and affordable rates, more consumers are ditching cable. The consumer will enjoy the price war.

Digital trend takes over. File Cabinets change to hard disk. Paper book to kindle. Letters to emails.Invitations to e-vite. Conversation to a text. Paper business cards to Paperless Business Card. Today, Welcome taping and clicking. Reading, typing is too much. 

Brand Loyalty is questioned? We’re live in an era of opportunities. Give the consumer what they want, good service, and they will come back with family and friends. 

Those who wait for consumers to meet them are lonely. Those who match their communication to consumer behavior and trends are trending. 

Paper, plastic and Packaging Trends 

Not only are consumers concerned about products they are using, but how they’re packed and delivered. Product packaging has become a major method of marketing and affects the customer’s buying decision. It’s not just the presentation we’re looking at. The types of materials used is important. Companies who avoid plastic and paper are preferable. 

Will a paper business card survive?

We believe in preserving, the ocean, the forest and the air we breathe. The paperless movement is growing. We love to hold bills and invoices, but we no longer file paper. The small business card and the monthly magazine ends in the trash. We live in a ‘paperless interactive moment’. ‘Text or email me, add the link, that all I need’.  

Excessive packaging with lots of plastic and Styrofoam is a Smaller packaging that is recyclable and compostable is trending harder than ever before. 

People and companies who ride on these trends are on the high.

Environmental Conscious Trend 

In recent years, consumers have focused more and more on environmentally friendly products. They’re concerned about the environment and the quality of products they put on and in their bodies. The cosmetic industry understands the needs to have simple, natural products instead of chemical-driven products. Apple cider vinegar for your hair, coconut oil for your skin, and face masks made of lemon and honey are trending. 

Transportation Transformation 

People need to get from point to A to B, but how they do is changing. The transportation choices are more abundant than ever before. The four most popular types of transportation are public transportation, driving, ride-sharing, and biking. More and more consumers are talking about ride-sharing and public transport less. Ride-sharing and biking have experienced the most growth among the four since 2010.  

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Eco-Friendly Car Trend 

Although driving is no longer viewed as the most desired form of transportation, most people drive. When analyzing what consumers are saying online about car-buying, a new trend was spotted. Eco-friendly cars have become the most desired cars, followed by sports cars, SUVs, hybrids, and then electric. 


Did you pick up on the common theme among all of these trends? Yes, it’s a growing concern for the environment. The result is a move away from disposables and a transition into digital. From the products consumers are eating and wearing to how they’re experiencing entertainment and transportation, we see a strong trend towards efficiency and environmentally friendly choices. If it works better and is better for you and the environment, it’s not a hard sell. Expect this trend to continue far into the future.