Is Paperless Business Card A Right Choice?

Paperless business card a right choice?

Business cards are essential from small to big businesses alike over all Industries. Today, Building the brand in the market is very important, and here, Business card plays a vital role, other than giving contact details. Knowing this crucial factor, Entrepreneurs have started also using the Paperless business cards along with the traditional business cards.

In the advanced universe of business, advertisers imagine better approaches to engage with the target audience. One of the affordable strategies to attract customer’s consideration is to give out business cards. Customers get fast access to essential contact data. Giving just the contact details isn’t the sole purpose for the business cards for the present business market.

“What is a Paperless Business card?”

Today, a Paperless Business card has all the crucial details you can share with the customers, like, Company logo, Contact details, Company website, Social Media Profiles, Appointment Booking URLs, and others.

These are the things that you can easily customize so that it creates a long-lasting impression at the back of the mind of a potential customer.

“Why to use a Paperless Business Card?”

In the last five decades, people are using Paper business cards daily. Do you know that more than 6 million trees are cut each year to make 100 billion business cards worldwide?

However, the most shocking part is, the Paper business cards are thrown away in the trash just after one week after sharing them with the potential customers.

Trees cut for paper business cards

6 million trees are cut each year to make 100 billion business cards

If you get to know the Real Devastating Story Behind Your Business Cards, then by opting for Paperless Business card, you can contribute towards saving the planet Earth which has drastically been affected by deforestation and climate change due to it.

  • Affordable Paperless Business Card: A person in an average spends around $190 to design and print the set of Paper Business cards. You could opt for a Paperless Business card for just $36 yearly. You can create a paperless business card by yourself and share the paperless business cards with potential customers while having the conversation.
  • Massive Exposure For Brand: With a paperless business card you can add your website and social media profile clickable links. Adding the links will give a potential customer a path to the details of your brand and other services you provide.
  • DIY Paperless Business Cards: Choosing and designing a business card is an essential step in creating your business card. Your business card gives the first impression of your business to a potential customer. With Gobiggi paperless business card, you can design and create the business card in the way you like. Gobiggi Paperless business card does not require professionals to develop one.

DIY Business card

DIY Paperless Business Cards

  • No Need To Stash Them In Your Pocket: Suppose you are at a business conference where you meet more than 100 potential customers.carry business cards

    No need to carry them always in your pocket.

    You might not have carried 100+ business cards with you. So here you miss an opportunity to gain more customers. If you subscribe for a Paperless business card, you need to add the phone number or email Id of the potential customers, and you could share the Paperless business card with more than 100 people instantly. Isn’t this so cool?

  • Easy Updation: Peter from Miami recently changed his contact number for his hardware store. Now that Peter already has more than 200 Paper Business cards on which he needs to update the contact details but is it possible? No, Peter had to throw away the printed business cards because those were having the old contact details on it! Moreover, changing them was not possible. If Peter had subscribed for Gobiggi paperless business card at $36/year, It would have taken less than 5 seconds to update the new contact details of his store. Peter could have saved money for reprinting the Business cards.

    Share Paperless business card

    Share Paperless Business Card on a Tap

When it comes to sharing your business contact details, both Paper Business cards and Paperless business cards are excellent ways to share. None of these two will hamper your business, but a Paperless Business card is a revolutionary way to increase your brand exposure and gaining more customers. A paperless business card will help you differentiate from your competitors.

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