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Paperless business card a right choice?

Is Paperless Business Card A Right Choice?

Business cards are essential from small to big businesses alike over all Industries. Today, Building the brand in the market is very important, and here,…

How to nail first business call with Gobiggi

How To Nail The First Business Call?

What you do or say will make or break your first discovery call with a prospect. One of your most important tasks to get right…

How I stopped losing good leads

How I Stopped Losing Good Leads

In the 17th century in Europe paper cards were used to announce the arrival of wealthy or aristocratic people to their local town or their…

Business card with no borders

Business Card with No Borders

The amount of lost opportunities and wasted time in the business world every day because of inefficient information transfer is staggering.  I’m stopped he bleeding! …

Business card beyond borders gobiggi

Business Card Beyond The Borders

Business has no borders. The first phone call with a prospect or a vendor is a long-distance hookup even if you’re only across the street.…