whats your story

What’s Your Story? How To Tell Your Business Story, And Close.

What is Business?  Ultimately, a business is a system of human relations.  We deal with people – Telling them our business story. Charming. Convincing. Solving…

2019 consumer trends

How 2019 Customer Trends Benefits You?

pay-per-click vs organic

Pay-Per-Click Versus Organic, Why and How

digital business card

How A Man Won Hundreds Of New Customers In The Swimsuit Show?

Miami’s swimsuit week took place on July 11 – 16 at Miami’s iconic South Beach. Over 5,000 buyers were expected to show. The swimsuit brand…

Elon Musk –How Badly He Disrupted The World.

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Why Celebrities CEO’s Denied Traditional Business Theory And Won It All?

seven sexy rules for your business

The Seven Sexy Rules For Business

It is the toughest part to open a business. It takes great effort and risking saved money. You’ll, or you already did encounter one, two…

How can i promote my business online

How Can I Promote My Business?

Can You Trust What You See And Hear?

What To Decide, Pay-per-click Versus Organic?

What To Do, Pay-Per-Click Versus Organic?

The information below has discouraged many from entering the search game —  A big mistake.  The internet can position a company in a superior financial…