How To Nail The First Business Call?

How to nail first business call with Gobiggi

What you do or say will make or break your first discovery call with a prospect. One of your most important tasks to get right from the start is an information exchange. The traditional ritual of the business card exchange has never been possible on a long-distance business discovery call.

The Result?

Everyone’s favorite internal F-words are in maximum use, during the information exchange process!

How many times have you not understood someone telling you their email or website address on a call? How many times you been asked to spell your email address, and still they get it wrong? Rinse & repeat, more internal F-bombs are deployed.

I had to find a way to overcome these moments of mental assault during the discovery process with a new prospect. Because we’re all connected better than ever before in history, I knew there must be a way to share my email, web address, company profile, incentives, or a video, maybe a book-meeting scheduler fast. Like the touch of a button fast. Like in a matter of seconds fast.

There were many variables to consider and overcome. Long-distance communication is technology-based. Conversations can be short, cold, and over-structured. Crafting messages that reflect emotional content help warms the relationship. Personal perspectives reinforce the relationship. My email or text messages are warm by design. I knew showing emotion helps develop a personal connection.


But how do you get a positive emotional connection when basic information exchange starts out on the wrong foot?

To make it worse, the inability to complete the task of sharing information is viewed by your prospect as a “Vendor weakness or Failure!”


If your discovery call starts with a spelling class, you and your prospect are both taken into a negative emotional place from the very start.

How it can be done:
  1. Vendor: Hi Ross, in a second I am doing to text you my Paperless Business Card. What’s your Mobile Number?
  2. Prospect: 321-xxxx.
  3. Vendor: Great, I just text it. My calendar is attached. I also attached a discount coupon.
It’s that easy.

And as of now, no one has told me: “I don’t share my number, or I hate it.

Why Not?

The Paperless Business Card looks like a Paper Business card – The only difference is: It’s an Interactive Paperless Business Card. You enter the name, the mobile number, and send it. Your prospect will receive it with the message template you previously designed.  They can click and send you an email, tap to call, book a meeting based on your availability, get direction to your location, and more.


Business details at fingertips

The Paperless Interactive Business Card puts your information at your prospect’s fingertips.


“I usually text my Paperless Business Card while I’m talking to my prospect. It demonstrates my ability to take charge, be clear, spend time on the business ahead, and stop being an annoying spelling teacher.”


Here are five reasons why the Paperless Business Card is a great advantage:
  1. It’s always with you. On your Mobile, Computer, or Laptop.
  2. A Paperless Business Card is more than just a convenient way of communicating your business information – it is also an effective marketing tool. The interactive design looks like a paper business card- only it removes the stress, anxiety, and regrets and converts the discovery process to a joy.
  3. It shows leadership. The conversation should be about the business ahead not “How do you spell your email address?”
  4. For those people who do not need your service now, the Paperless Business Card will be sent to them automatically every 10, 30, 120 days, or as frequently as you like.
    Example: A lawyer texts his card every 120 days. Dentist- texts her card every 180 days. Air condition repair and maintenance company text their card every 90 days. Whatever makes sense for your business. How often will you text your card?
  1. If your prospect wants to book a meeting based on your availability, they can do it right from your Paperless Business Card and cut the back-and-forth emails.

No matter what you do, most business relationships start on the phone. Success depends on the efficiency of these conversations. Eliminate the noise. Get to the heart of what matters most.

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