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2019 Market Trends

paper business card vs paperless business card

How Instagram Kill Influencer’s Million Dollar?

No more Instagram likes? Is it a brilliant economic move? It’s like a regular game: one win and others lose. On Nov 8, 2019, Instagram…

social vs search promotion: what delivers?

Social Vs. Search Promotion: Which Hit The Jackpot?

Disclaimer: We are not a digital ad agency. We do have accounts in which we manage their growth, and marketing is part of the service. This…

how to find a tagline

How To Find A Right Tagline 

In the summer of 2009, I visited a restaurant in a farmhouse. In the restroom, there was this sign. It read:  It stuck in my…

whats your story

What’s Your Story? How To Tell Your Business Story, And Close.

What is Business?  Ultimately, a business is a system of human relations.  We deal with people – Telling them our business story. Charming. Convincing. Solving…

pay-per-click vs organic

Pay-Per-Click Versus Organic, Why and How

The information below has discouraged many from entering the search game —  A big mistake.  The internet can position a company in a superior financial…