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How A Cheap Paperless Business Card Changed Miami Swimsuit Week?

Miami’s swimsuit week took place on July 11 – 16 at Miami’s iconic South Beach. Over 5,000 buyers were expected to show. The swimsuit brand sent five salespeople. They arrived with swim-suite samples, business cards, company brochures, and small branding gifts. 

On Wednesday morning, the day before the show started, Dan, one of the sales team members, spent 10 minutes designing a paperless interactive business card. He added his photo and attached his company brochures to it in a digital format. He programmed the Paperless Business Card to automatically Re-text 24 hours after the first Business Card share. 


In our instant gratification society, we need to have one foot offline and one foot online to more quickly and effectively connect with the customers who expect everything at their fingertips. I thought merging tradition with the online world by sharing my paper business card then texting my interactive Paperless Business Card right after would provide buyers ways to interact instantly. It put our brand and my contact information at their fingertips” says Dan. 


On Wednesday evening, they joined the first meet and greet cocktail hour. They interacted with approximately 450 people. Dan stuck with his plan and shared his traditional paper business card and texted his interactive business card right after. 

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From the 50 cards I texted, six buyers clicked on Book-it and booked meetings at our showroom” Dan recalls. 

The next three days were hectic. Hundreds visited our swimsuit showroom. Models were changing swimsuits every ten minutes. We got orders. I gave many paper cards and texted many Paperless Business Cards.” 

By the end of the South Beach swimsuit show, the dashboard had recorded a list of 625 people who received the Paperless Business Card text twice. 625 new contacts with their mobile phone and some with email were listed. 

My colleagues had a bucket full of visitor’s paper business cards and not much to show for it” Dan recalls.  

The after-show response was amazing. Dan kept getting orders. Ten days later he collected some of the model photos, customer photos, and made a 30-second video. He changed his paperless interactive card template to a video and texted it to all his contacts with a thank you note.

That was a hit.  

Merging Tradition and Online crock open the code to Today’s Instant Gratification Society. I got the respect being traditional and appreciated by making life easy” Said Dan. 

In today’s consumer world, having one foot online and one offline is everything. Today’s tech generation expects a paperless interactive business card, while some of the older generations are still hesitant, yet enjoy it when they receive it. 

You don’t need to limit your strategy. 

Keep sharing your paper cards knowing that 80% to 90% will be lost or trashed after you give them out. And always follow up by texting your Paperless Interactive Business Card, instantly putting yourself at the fingertips of your customers and prospects. 

The online world and the speed of technology have transformed our reality and time. Expectations have changed. Getting information in seconds with the tap of a finger is the new normal. If it can’t be done instantly it’s forgotten – there is simply too much-competing inputs – information overload is our biggest challenge. 

The SECRET CODE is making yourself and your brand INSTANTLY ACCESSIBLE and reminding your prospects you’re here.

Texting your Interactive Business Card instantly builds your prospect list and provides them with: 

  1. Immediate access to your website
  2. Downloadable company brochures, videos, or incentives 
  3. Easy ability to add you to their contacts
  4. Book-it – right from your card they can schedule a meeting based on your availability 
  5. Access to your reviews
  6. Directions to your location 

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All the comforts of the online world with one fingertip. 

Respect the Paper Business Card Sharing tradition, while Benefiting from the Instant Pay-Off of using Paperless Business Cards.