How I Stopped Losing Good Leads

How I stopped losing good leads

In the 17th century in Europe paper cards were used to announce the arrival of wealthy or aristocratic people to their local town or their home. Paper cards were used to announce social events as well.

During the industrial revolution exchanging of contact information became essential. The social card became a visiting card, and it was exchanged as an information trading card.

To this day, the paper business card has persisted and survived. Business cards are like resistant bugs; they are surviving the technology revolution.

Will a paper business card survive?

Will the paper business card survive?

Today, in our empty pocket society, when we need our Business Card, we don’t have them on us. They’re either at the office, in the car, or at home. It seems we never have the business card when we need them. But imagination we do have. We grab a paper napkin, or any kind of paper within reach, and write down our information. Half smiling half crying we hand over the holy paper, and we hope that the beautiful soft cotton napkin will deliver us a new client.

Worse, even when we have the business card with us, in the first week,

85% of all Paper Business Cards end up in the trash.


How ironic.

We cut 6 million trees and use thousands of gallons of water to make these business cards and they are home when we need them or on the way to the trash when we share them.  


Because we’ve become a paperless society!


Divorcing the iconic Business Card is foolish idea. Paper Business Cards are an old tradition that are deeply engraved in our business meeting ritual.

But the Business Card exchange Tradition needs today’s progression.

I added a Paperless Business Card into the ritual of the business card exchange. 

This is how I do it:

I share my Paper Business Card. 1 or 2 minutes later, while I am still engaged in the conversation with the prospect, I text my Paperless Business Card. It looks like a paper business card, only it’s interactive. 


I don’t have to write a message each time I text or email my card. They provided me with text and email templates. I wrote the message long before. I enter the prospect’s name, either the Email, Mobile Number, or both and send. It takes me 10 to 15 seconds and guess what?

I put my information, the website, review, direction, booking meeting possibilities and more, right where I want it:

At the prospect’s figure tips.

It satisfies the instant gratification of our paperless society.

And – my contact info is saved.

More– I am not stupid. I know people are busy. If they don’t need me now, they will forget me. So, I program my Paperless Business Card to be texted automatically every 60 days. Funny, My hairdresser texts me her card every 45 days.  You may like your Paperless Business Card to be texted every 30 or 360 days, whatever makes sense for you – and best of all it works!

For a cost of pennies a day, I enjoy successes every day.

Sign In and try for free

Sign In and try for free

I can’t tell you how many compliments I get from prospects. They love having all the information, email, website, reviews, company profile, direction, Book-it the ability to book a meeting right at their figure tips. They add my information to their contact list. No need to type or scan. I did all the work for them and I have all their info saved.


Do you know a better win-win solution?

What makes it successful: I respect the hundreds of years of tradition: I participate in the ritual of paper business card exchange. After that getting the Mobile number and texting is easy. 99% love it.

How it helps my long-distance business?


I stopped the 4 to 10 minutes spelling of my email address, the website address and sometimes the street address. The time and frustration it take to say: It’s not a V, it’s a B like a boy, it’s mot M or N, it’s not S it’s F and this can go on and on and on……

I don’t know if people realize it, but the inability to transfer clear information is viewed by prospects as a failure.

I no longer lose leads because of the spelling game. I use a simple statement:

“I am about to text you my Paperless Business Card now, it has all the info you need. What is your Cell number?”

To this date no one has refused to share their mobile number– after all we are talking on the phone.

I realized, distance means so little when you have what’s needed and you position it properly.

I am not sure a business person of your caliber needs a $36 a year brilliant solution like this. But if you do like to crush the discovery process on your first engagement and experience more business conversions–

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