Business Card with No Borders

Business card with no borders

The amount of lost opportunities and wasted time in the business world every day because of inefficient information transfer is staggering. 

I’m stopped he bleeding! 

In the eyes of my long-distance prospects and networking potential-clients I am a true hero! 

What’s the most frustrating experience in business? Difficult client? No. Slow client? No. The most frustrating experience in business happens before the sale process even begins – 

and it happens all the time

Tony gets a call from a prospect interested in his home automation service.  The client wants to learn more about Tony’s Video Security system. The phone reception is bad. Tony tries to direct the prospect to his website address, but he can’t hear what Tony is saying. 

“Can I have your Email address?” Tony asks.  

The prospect spells out his email address. Tony can’t hear if he’s saying D, B or V and a Z.  

They both get frustrated. 

Ultimately, the prospect hangs up. 

Later in the evening Tony calls him back. No one answers. Tony leaves a message that is never returned. He loses what could have been a lucrative deal.

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The Failure

The inability to collect and provide information is a failure in the eyes of the buyer, and it happens on the first call all the time spoiling the chance to do business. 

In face-to face meetings we exchange business cards – what if you could keep the same tradition alive while on a phone call?  

Expedite The Discovery Process

Expedite the discovery process with prospects and ensure a smooth and pleasant experience every time. Simply text your paperless business card in real time.

Paperless business card looks the same as a business card – but it is an Interactive business card – It allows you to text your prospects and customers all of the information they need and more in a matter of seconds. 

Paperless business card looks the same as a paper business card. 

By texting or emailing your paperless business card your clients have everything they need in order to make a buying decision at their fingertips.  

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They get instant access to: 

  • Your website
  • Your Email
  • Your contact information 
  • Directions 
  • Reviews – They can see what people are saying about you.
  • Book It – They can book an appointment with you based on your available time instantly.
  • Incentives – Entice new prospects with deals and discounts. 
  • Your Brand – A paperless business card is customizable to present your brand’s personality exactly the way it was meant to be experienced. 

Most important – A paperless business card makes you always available. You can send automated reminders and keep yourself fresh in the minds of your future customers. 

Respect Tradition and Supplement with the New 

A paperless business card doesn’t replace your traditional paper business cards. It’s merely a flexible and versatile supplement. After you hand your paper business card you follow it up by texting your paperless business card. 

A paperless business card has no borders. Today’s business world is global. You can’t meet every client in person and hand them your card. But you can send it through text or email. 

When you make business easy, you get more business.