Business, The Day After COVID-19

business after covid19

The business we know has changed. And possibly forever. COVID-19 broke the supply chains, locked the worldwide community home, and disrupt the service business for months. 

The biggest mistake – Open the door as if nothing happened. 

Fear, the business enemy No. 1 spread successfully. 

In a fearful environment, the business community looks for leaders— Leaders to lift the soul, spreads security, and help push life and livelihood forward. 

That the leader you should be as you get up from COVID- 19. 

Coming back, what will you find?

A new world of business. There will be a need to reinvent products, services, structures, and offerings. 

Imagination, new messaging, testing, and re-testing are needed. 

The company center of judgments should be evidence-decision and bold actions. 

The day after COVID- 19 we’ll wake up to

1. Weak consumer confidence

2. Companies with little to no cash on hand

3. Anxious and scared employees

4. Companies with fewer employees- more work to owner and management

5. Consumer habits have turned to online channels.

6. A face-to-face meeting will look awkward.

7. A shift in-office use

Each industry will face its challenges. Outlining your possible industry challenges will provide 60% of the possible solutions.

Planning today will ease sliding into the nation’s new work order. 

The first most valuable asset you have is your Team. After more than seven weeks of home-confinement, your team needs a leader on a personal and professional level. They need to know what and how to move in this environment. They expect to hear from management the new plan of action. 

Recommendation: Coordinated responses require a top-down approach. That means goals, projects, and tasks determined by the senior leaders. 

A welcome company meeting can start the mental recovery. Quarantine stories, food, lots of laughter should start the session. There is no rush. Lots of time pass, one more hour of nothing will improve everything. 

During the story session, insert the importance of building our life, support our customers, and help them return to everyday business life. People with mission work better. 

I can say with no hesitation, falling to reunite, and lead now will prolong your recovery. 

In the last month or two, your customers receive a masters in online communications, just like you and your team. Provide your employees with tools to communicate with customers’ new mindset. 

We are experiencing it already. Online requests for a meeting increased by 345%. After we added real-time ‘open-view notification,’ Interactive Business Card demands risen by 600%. After all, who doesn’t like to see when and how often their messages vided? 

Phone and video meetings took over all the sessions. 

Suggestion: New and old clients are tense. Customer service needs to be number one on your list. Leadership, Patience, and Understanding are in demand. 

Being hard to get, difficult to understand, will send people away.  

We use a version of the Business Model Canvas to help reconstruct. The Business Model Canvas is strategic management and robust template for generating new or edit an existing business model.

This Canvas contains nine elements that are common for traditional enterprises: 

1. Customer segment- What are you to your customers 

2. Value proposition- Why you? You, for how much

3. Channel- How and when I transact with you

4. Customer relationship- The second after the sale

5. Key activities- Internal interactions 

6. Key resources- Who, what you need to run

7. Key partners- Is there a need to recreate some 

8. Revenues- Realistic goals 

9. Costs- How to keep down. 

Employ your imagination and do it with your employees. Create a long list of alternatives for each of the elements. It can be a long brainstorm session.

Unfortunately, many like or leave the brainstorm session. They are convinced that one of their ideas has the answers. And it may be, but success comes with rigorous testing of each idea independently. And that can be done by having conversations with customers.

Conversations with customers will lead you to the proper action. 

We conduct testing every day. We don’t make changes fast enough. We are working on it, but the recent changes we made were the customer’s driving. 

We asked our clients: Would you think that getting an open-notification text each time your prospect and client look at your interactive business card or any text or email you send from Gobiggi’s Text-App will be a value to you? 

94% said it would be a game-changer.  

Now, after Text or email, your Interactive Business Card, meeting requests, and more, you will get

 “Gina 212 654 7896 Open your Biz-card for the first time after 48 Seconds”. 

Strengthening your customer relations will help. Expecting customers to call you is risk-taking. Prices will be a crucial factor. Customers will shop. 

Start communication now.

Ari, a luxury car salesperson, told me last weekend their car showroom partially closed. He went to his data-based and sent every day 100 emails to former clients. He managed to sell only one car, but he opened a conversation with many previous clients. Build relations now. It’s important. 

Allow me to give you two pieces of advice. Many owners/managers would select a single attractive option from the brainstorming session. They proceed without collecting evidence. 

That can be a fatal mistake.

Second, customers are fearful now. The economy is not stable; their business is after a storm, will the virus come back. Talk to customers who are calmly assessing their future based on evidence.

The biggest mistake- Open the door as if nothing happened.

Be well and reinvent.

A business that values your growth more than