13 Tips To Quickly Close Sales in April 2020

13 tips to close sales qucikly

13 Points, He Yelled!

1. The Majority Of All Our Customer Interactions Happen Over The Phone. 

Many say, “cold calling is drowning.” Does that mean phone conversations are dying? A great salesperson never makes a single cold call. That makes “check-up calls” – They are calling working friends and people to start or maintain relationships. The call to learn what’s new in their companies; they stay in touch with people they meet in happy hours and networking events. 

During this time, we can only meet and share information over the phone. Texting your Interactive paperless business card can help. Especially with “Open notification text”.  

2. On Your 8 Cold Call Attempt, You Most Likely To Reach A Prospect. 

Finding prospects is hard. Most hate looking for prospects. Giving up after three calls is passing up on a potential sale. If you like to engage in cold calls, your agents need to be persistent & determined.


paper business card vs paperless business card

3. 4:00 To 5:00 In The Afternoon Is The Best Time For Cold Calls.

It is a mistake to call during lunchtime. Hungry people are not open to a sales call. They eat. 

4. A Vendor That Responds First Gets 30-50% Of Sales. 

Skill professionals respond fast and provide a useful response.

5. After A Prospect Meeting, 80% Of Acquisition Required Over 4 Follow-up Calls. Over 40% Gives Up After 1 Follow-up.

Just because you had a meeting doesn’t mean you’ve it in the beg. You must be persistent. You must be connected all the time. Do all you can with everything you have to stay top of mind.  

6. Prospecting The Best Day Is Thursday. The Second Best Day Is Wednesday Afternoon. 

Every day is a good day to find new prospects. Thursday and Wednesday deliver the best results. 

7. Over A Trillion Dollars (Nine Zeros) Is Spent Annually On Sales.

Sales can be made by a salesperson or any on and offline sales program. Ironically, some business owners convinced they will grow big without spending money on sales. Sad! 

One of my dental clients thought so but decided to try. 36 months later, and she has “3” locations.  

8. Using Social Media Will Outsell Your Rivals.

Social media is to connect with prospects socially. Posting ads all the time defeats the prospects. Your social community like to know you, see behind the scene if you allow it. It will make you transparent. It builds trust and trust to create sales.

9. Email Marketing Is Over 30 Times Better At Acquiring New Customers Than Social Media.

Many say that bulk mail is a waste of time and money. Those who do it consistently will not stop it. It does deliver less then online marketing efforts, but we never suggest to stop it if it delivers. The same applies to email marketing. Only email marketing is a science with lots of measurable data. Do it right to be committed, and it will work. 

10. Exploiting Referrals Earn Over 4 Times More Than Those Who Don’t. 

The Referral is turning customers into an active sales force. A referred customer is pre-sold on the credibility. Their family and friends did it for you. That makes the referred the warmest lead or happy client. Our Referral program promotes Gift-Sharing. No referred refuse a gift. 

11. 91% Of Customers Will Participate In Referrals. Less Than 13% Ask For Referrals. Worse, Most Hate To Ask For Referrals!!

This is a mistake most vendors do. That’s why we do it for companies and organizations. Not asking for Referral is wasting a precious opportunity. We ask directly.  

12. It Takes 48 Hours To Be Your Sales Company. It Will Take 10 Months Plus For A New Sales Rep To Deliver. 

Salespeople required training. Training takes time. Time is money. We can become your 24 x 7 sales department for a fraction of the cost, and we deliver real customers after 10 days. 

13. Over 53% Of Prospects Remember Stories. 5% Or Less Remember Statistics.

Storytelling is a powerful communication technique. It currently motivates buyers. Stories make the connection with a prospect, especially if you allow him to share some of their stories. After listening to their story, they are ready to listen to how your product or service helped others. And close. Last year we increased a Dumpster Rental Company by 1,058,000.

In 3 years we’ll take them from a local company to a national company. And everything I wrote I can c in less than 10 minutes.