Coronavirus Panic Is The Enemy Of Business Owners

Coronavirus Panic Is The Enemy Of Business Owners

Mitigate risk. Do not panic; Panic is the enemy of business owners. Turn a problem to an opportunity.

I picked up some of the CDC-recommended tips that business owners can take to protect employees and support customers. There is no reason to dive into a business depression. Turn the problem to opportunity. Plant the roots for business expansion.

Make changes that can benefit the future.

The news media spread the coronavirus faster than the virus. We Must take all the necessary measures to keep the virus away. But as business owners, we need to mitigate risk, protect the work environment, the employees, and serve customers- We Must Serve the Clients. Also, many companies hide.

Raise Up. Get new clients.

Implement changes.

The Show Must Go On.

paper business card vs paperless business card

Establish a remote work option

There are many business tools to employ to keep the teams in touch and keep working together remotely.

Gobiggi does it every day across countries; it’s simple and relatively easy.

1. Video Conferencing –

a. Skype, you can talk and share screens easy and free.

b. ZoomVideo Conferencing. More advance, easy to use.

c. Cloud server. Keep all the documents accessible remotely. A quick one to use can be outlook or google

2. Phone –

Forward the office phone to the Mobile phone and rotate the responsibility of answering the phone between team members. If you have digital phone service in your office, you can install a softphone on your computer and phone. Call the company and ask about the softphone.

3. Meeting –

Invite your customers to a virtual meeting. In the long run, this will save you lots of time and money.

4. Use Online meetings and booking Software –

a. Invite people to meetings

b. Allow prospects and customers to request a conference call, video meeting, or book equipment. Check out Book-it.

Paperless bookit app

Give employees flexibility

Schools are closing. Be flexible with the employees. Avoid losing staff to the virus. That means letting people do all they can to keep the virus away.

Communicate transparently with your customers

In this crisis, One for all and all for one. What one does can affect you and your family life. Demand transparency from all your team members!!

Everyone needs to know how and what each member is doing to keep the team members protected.

Be transparent with your customers.

Tell your customers what you are working on all the time. Give them insight into the work done, let them know you’re working to help them and the community.

When customers are separated from the work done for them, they appreciate the service less and value the service as less.

Do not touch surfaces touched by others

Including doorknobs, handrails, POS systems, tables, and desks. In China, the state disaffection money. In this time, Interactive Business Card is the ultimate solution. There is no need to hold a paper Business Card, text your interactive Business card to anyone you need.

Add sales strategy to online

Chinese companies confront coronavirus before American companies. Storefronts shut and workers stayed home. Practical business owners shift to online.

You may be forced to explore and expend online properties, such as websites, social media, cloud working, virtual meetings, but a positive, smart approach can triple your business.


Closing the doors does not mean ignoring the employees. They need a paycheck. Be transparent with your staff members.

In last week’s team meeting, The director of the operation said: “We need every one of you more than yesterday. Paycheck must be issued; To do that: Clients must be serviced. New clients must be found. Add virtual tools to reach and communicate with team members, new and old clients. Keep morale high. Conduct a virtual team meeting. Talk about personal issues along and work. Keep all together healthy, personally, and financially”.

Sell on social media, Google, ask current customers for referrals, put your email list to good use. Reach old clients (we’ll help with Free email service if you need to send emails to all your clients or reach new clients), be proactive, and start now. It’s never too late!

Plan for the long term

Every problem is an opportunity. Use the coronavirus as your opportunity to expand online.

In 2019 the CDC reported on 36 million with the flu virus, 502,000 has hospitalized, and 34,400 to 57,300 died.

During this time, the business moved forward.

The uncertainty creates panic. Panic is the enemy of Business owners. Prepare your business expansion, not a disaster. In the long run, it will be an add-on to your current daily business.