6 Closing Phrases That Make Close Sales

6 Closing Phrases That Make Close Sales
6 Closing Phrases That Make Close Sales

Frustration comes after a failed sales call. You had a long discussion, satisfy uncertainties, but when the time comes to close, you face with lack of commitment

or worse— Not for me.

It’s harsh. It makes you wonder: Where did I go wrong?

Did I provide enough details? Did I highlight the benefits? What did I do wrong?

Closing phrases are the make or break of most sales conversations. Leaving too much decision flexibility to the buyer will delay the transaction. Delaying the buy provides the buyer a feeling of control and time for doubt. More, the effectiveness of your pitch wears off, and the sales die.


paper business card vs paperless business card


6 Effective Closing Phrases To Close Your Sales Faster

  1. Never Present Yes or No, Closing Question.
  2. What The Future Holds?
  3. Focus On Benefits That Attract Your Buyer.
  4. Include Sales Urgency.
  5. Give The Customer The Power.
  6. Competition Talk.

1. Never present Yes or No, closing Question or possible decision

Executive: Can we start today?

This question set yourself to failure. The buyer can avoid committing

Buyer: Not Now. I will call you when we are ready.

The question to ask is:

Both products will help you reach the goal. Each one is essential, which one we move forward with?

The answer to this question will give you a clear idea of buyer intentions.

Start one more time and highlight product benefits. Forget the features.

Last week I was talking to an older business person who is married to his paper business Card, about adding an Interactive Business Card and online appointment card to his organization. None of the features interest him.

This question made it happen.

Me: Would you like to know when, what clicked, and how many times was your Interactive Business Card Open? Especially when your prospect or client click after 2 weeks?

Jorge: Sure – It will help our team with the next step

Me: With Our products, your clients and prospect action are uncovered. Even after 6 months. You will no when, how many times they open your text or email.

Jorge: Silent…. how much did you say it is?

Me: $ 36 a year. I will give you 15% off if you have it for the entire company.

We know that no real business person says No to a product that tracks what prospects and clients do after receiving their Interactive Card, Appointment requests, or review requests.

Jorge signed in.

 2. What the future holds? 

Sometimes we have a hard time feeling the prospect’s thoughts, opinions, and intentions. To have an idea

Ask this:

From 1-10, do you think (your product/service name) sharing an interactive business card and knowing when and how many times it opens and attaching the online appointment cards to your Website, Social media can make you more accessible? 

I highlight the benefit of the product, not any of its noble features.


Paperless BookIT by Gobiggi


The answer to this question will open your buyer cards and direct you to your next move. If the answer is 6 and up, you can close.

If it is under 5 you need to take a new direction or don’t waste your time. Keep the prospect on your bi-weekly communication until next time.

That brings me to My Number One Sales Rule: 

I deal with people capable of making decisions.

YES, or NO, both are decisions. The one who can’t make a decision is the one who I

1. Do not spend valuable time with

2. From the start, I lead and help with the decision. Or even make it for them.

3. Focus on benefits that attract your buyer. 

The focus of your conversation is on your client’s needs. You must remember-

1. The client is in business before meeting you.

2. To her/him, you are not the messiah.

You can only add to their operation.

In their head, there is only one thing.

To get my money, he better shows me the money!

Your product is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is: How your product or service will benefit the day-to-day operation.

Quickly, talk about your services and their benefits. Let the buyer ask questions. The subject with most questions will point to the topic to focus on.

Let her/him open their card and reveal pain points and needs—your conversation should concentrate on how your product will help solve the problem.

I use the word HELP- Even if you know your service or product is what they need. If you say it, it’s weak.

You need the buyer to come with this statement. Once you hear it, start closing the sale—no additional talk about benefits or features, it will hold the transaction.

 4. Include sales urgency 

Some buyers are driven by cost.

I offered a buyer the WebReviewPage. The ideal business tool for the online world. The product covers the entire sales cycle and uncovers prospects and clients’ actions.

From the Interactive Business Card to Online Appointment Card, Incentive, Reviews to a referral program, the entire sales cycle.

It was clear to both of us that the ROI is 1 to 15 and more

The buyer said

Buyer: I like it. I need to pay less.

I replied: what will make it happen today?

Buyer: Hesitate. 20% off.

I replied: 8% if we do it now.

Now was the key.

I end up giving 10% off for the first year.

5. Give the customer the power

One of our clients manages a co-working space. At night and weekends, he plays in a rock band. In Oct 2018, he printed tee-shirts with the name of the group and tried to sell each for $10.

By the end of Dec, they sold 12 Tees. Tired to pack and unpack the tee-shirts, in Jan 2019, he put a bunch of tees on the piano with a sign:


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Next to it, he put a big bucket with a smiley face that read:

If you like, tip us. 

He told me:

What I could not sell for $10, I gave Free for an average of $15 tip. People took a tee and drop $10 to $20 tip. Few put $50 bill.

Let prospects control their decision. Let the buyer run the sales show and you act as a director. Listen and direct. Miracles will happen.

You can add to some closing phrases, “You are free to decide.”

Or: We both know the product/service has great potential. You are free to make the best business decision.  

This statement will provide a free decision, BUT Now.

6. Competition Talk

Some prospects have no intention to buy today, tomorrow, or never.

You can continue trying to convince the prospect or keep him on the mailing list for bi-monthly or monthly communication and move on.

I heard some salespeople say

I approached you first. You are turning me down. I will talk to [competitor name]. Do you know him/her?

I am against this. It puts a bad vibe and may close the opportunity forever.

If you can make a sale to a new candidate, do it. There is no need to talk about it.


paper business card vs paperless business card


Grow using the Perfect tools and Closing Phrases

The closing phrase you choose needs to cater to each unique situation and buyer. Closing a deal, avoid delays and endless meetings, save time and increase and enrich your achievement and respect in the eyes of your clients.

6 Closing Phrases That Make Close Sales
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6 Closing Phrases That Make Close Sales
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