How Did Covid-19 Outbreak Start? What Is China Hiding From Us?

While the COVID-19 epidemic is raging. Researchers around the world are in a race to find a vaccine, and the Chinese refuse to reveal the biggest secret-

How Did Covid-19 Outbreak Start?

It sounds like a ‘Frankenstein nightmare’ story. In the story, Frankenstein created and lost control of the murderer monster who killed people.

It’s a story on a secret and sensitive lab for the study of viruses and bacteria, that France has built for China in Wuhan City.  Gradually the Type 4 labs went out of France control. The France scientists have been pushed out and replaced by Chinese counterparts, who did not include them in their activities.

This is the laboratory where the virus COVID-19 was detected. Many disease vaccine trials were conducted in this lab. Many sources claimed this lab is the source of the COVID-19; the deadly virus that murders people around the world.

Wuhan, with its 11 million inhabitants, is the most “French” of China’s cities. It is home to a French urban planning museum. Wuhan’s fast train was built by France.

This train station accelerated the development of Wuhan as a major industrial hub. To the north of the station is the famous, notorious animal market. To the south of the station are hundred buildings of leading French companies.

How Did Covid-19 Outbreak Start?


In the 2000s, medical cooperation between China and France tightened. In 2003, The Sars virus, the “cousin” of Covid-19 hit China hard. During this time, the Chinese build personal connections with the French Government.


President Jiang Zemin (1989 to 2004) was friendly with a senior Chinese researcher who worked at St. Levy’s Hospital. It just happened that the Chinese researcher was friendly with a French physician who was close to them.President Jacques Chirac


In 2003 the French President sent his Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffaran to china.  France and the chinese agreed to cooperate over infectious disease control. During Prime Minister Jean-  October 2004, Nine months after the Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to France the France president Chirac visit China and signed with Hu Jintao, an agreement for a joint fight against the development of infectious viral diseases, such as the avian influenza virus, which hit China and spread worldwide.


paper business card vs paperless business card


Chirac, who did not hesitate as prime minister to provide Iraq with widespread assistance in building its nuclear reactor, has adopted the plan to build a highly secretive P-4 laboratory – A fourth grade to investigate non-vaccine viruses. That is the highest-risk pathogens. A pathogen in the broadest sense is anything that can produce disease.

Scientists objected

At that time there were about 30 laboratories like it around the world. Some P4-labs were supervised by the World Health Organization, some not. Many French scientists working on bacteriological warfare opposed the plan. In the period following 9-11, the Twin Towers attack, there was a reasonable fear that such a lab could become a hotbed for the development of dangerous biological weapons, and terrorists may have access to it.

France also complained that the Chinese are not providing any information on the use they had made with the money transferred to them for the establishment of lower-security laboratories during the SARS epidemic. According to journalist Antoine Izambard, “the Chinese had vague explanations for the use of these funds and labs, and the fear was that this would be the case with the new program.”

Coronavirus cases in United States

The United States has made clear to France its opposition to the plan. According to the Americans, another biological warfare laboratory has been set up in the northern part of the state.

But unsurprisingly, political interests outweighed concerns. Chirac signed the contract with China and the project in Wuhan got underway.

A Joint Establishment Committee was established, headed by the French Institute of Medicines and Research, Allan Maria, and this Chinese doctor from the Chinese side. In 2010, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced to the World Health Organization that the work started.

Fifteen French companies participated in the project, but most of the work was done by the Chinese. The French Standards Institute refused to grant its own seal of approval.



On January 31, 2015, under the presidency of Francois Hollande, the construction of the Secret compound. The compound includes three buildings: one giant, made of red brick, for to 250 scientists; Second, most confidential, which looks like a prison with maximum security; And third, white and square, with the inscription “Vaughan Virological Institute”- Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Later in the year, French representative María resigned from the project. He said he was part of China, “although established with technical assistance from France.” However, he promised continued close cooperation with China on these issues.

In February 2017, Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who attended the festive inauguration of the lab (now renamed the National Biological Security Lab), announced that “50 French scientists will be coming to live and work in Wuhan for a five-year.”

But they never left. (Prof. Yves Levy, then the head of the National Medical Research Council of France and her husband who was the minister of health until the current epidemic Dr. Agnès Buzyn attended the same ceremony. Both are now victims of an anti-Semitic campaign, pointing to their responsibility and the responsibility of other Jewish agencies who allegedly helped develop the virus, to gain from the vaccine when found).


Paperless BookIT by Gobiggi


Officially launched in January 2018, during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China. US Embassy officials, who grant permission to visit, reported that the safety and security measures around the Coronavirus and the bats were inadequate. French and Chinese join work did not work. The chinese disconnect from the French research team and they did not have the 250 researchers as was planned.

Few Chinese scientists have conducted dangerous studies on the Ebola virus, Congo fever, and NIPAH, a virus transmitted by pigs and bats.

“Great Firepower”

How China’s ‘Bat Woman’ Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus?

According to unofficial Chinese sources, Professor Shi Zhengli, chief scientist of the National Biological Security Laboratory, a level 4 laboratory located in Jiangxia District, Wuhan was able to identify the new coronavirus based on samples taken from five patients in the hospitals in Wuhan.


Credit: Shuyi Zhang


On January 3 this year, they were able to show the exact genetic structure of the virus. A study that led to the study by the French researcher, Nobel price doctor who discovered the HIV virus, Prof. Montagnier to assume that it was a form of a virus created by people who wanted to “take the opportunity to develop an AIDS vaccine.” He said the AIDS virus genes, which appeared in the composition, could not naturally appear there.

However, most researchers tend to think that if the virus that infects the world has come out of the lab through an infected employee – it is still a natural virus.

China Coronavirus cases


According to French scientific sources, Professor Shi Zhengli is now conducting a monkey infection test to produce a liquid to be used as a vaccine.

They also estimate that the Chinese have a good chance of winning the race to find the vaccine.

Vet researcher Gilles Salva claimed that “Chinese have students everywhere in the world. They can assign 40 researchers on a topic that France, will find funding for only two.

The Chinese have tremendous firepower in innovation and biology.”

Officially, the Vaughan Institute closed on January 23, as part of the city’s closure. However, according to Chinese and French sources, laboratory experiments continued even after the alleged closure. The virus, which was first injected into the monkeys, was put in an inactive state and injected into “volunteers” among the institute’s employees.



Dr. Chao Yan, who runs a local hospital, told Radio France that “everything is going well. Some doctors participate in the experiment. There was the first series on a limited scale and now the second series of trials are underway on many people.”

By contrast, Frederic Tangy, a researcher at the French Pasteur Institute, warned that vaccination with an inactive virus could increase the disease.

“It’s a disaster! This is the worst thing you can do,” he said.

Other researchers point the suspicions to another long-established Chinese institution – The Institute for Disease Control and Prevention, located a few hundred meters from the Wuhan Animal Market, which was identified as the source of the epidemic, while the “French” lab is 12 miles away. In this lab, they also working on viruses derived from bats. According to a group of Chinese scientists, the virus might have left after one of the workers at the site “was bitten by a bat.” This investigation has disappeared from the scientific site where it appeared.




The Chinese authorities, which deny any possibility of “escaping” virus from the laboratory, did not allow any outside experts’ visit to the “National Biological Security Lab”, where scientists are investigating the epidemiological risks of wild animals and especially the bats brought from caves in uninhabited areas.

From the beginning of April, every article on the topic published in China should be approved by the Communist Party Central Committee. The institute’s website said it was “in the process of rebuilding.” Professor Shi Zhengli “swore in her head” that the virus had nothing to do with her lab. Of course, this does not remove suspicions and concerns.

A big mystery also surrounds the fate of young researcher Huang Yanling, a 2015 graduate of the Institute, who is rumored to be the “number one patient” to die from the virus. Her image disappeared from the institute’s website, which initially denied it was among its investigators. According to official media, “Huang is now working in another province. She has not contracted the virus and is healthy.” Except she was never publicly shown to refute the rumors.

And so, while the world is plagued by the plague, looking for its source and in the race to find drugs and vaccines, Wuhan City, where it all began, stubbornly refuses to disclose its secrets.