Zero Involvement: Book-It Will Set You Up to Meet New Prospects In 15 Seconds.

Book-it synchronizes your available time and assets with prospects/clients in 5 to 15 seconds.

Back in the old days, booking airline tickets or hotel rooms began with 10 to 20 minutes waiting for an agent to answer the phone and 30 to 45 minutes to complete the booking. Just spelling your name over the phone took way longer than it should have.

Then, the online booking was introduced. Our lives changed positively forever. In 5 to 15 minutes, we can book a flight, hotel, car, and more without a stressful migraine.

Can a prospect or client schedule a meeting, book a table, or rent equipment online? 

Do you expect them to call? 

Important Facts:

    • Working people prefer not to engage in a private conversation during work hours, so most will not call. They will use an online scheduler instead.
    • It’s stressful to call, be put on hold and need to spell out the name, email, and sometimes the address.
    • Working people schedule around their work hours which is usually in the evening, after work, or on the weekend; in both cases, you are not working.
    • Texting is the law of the land. Talking is with mom and dad.

Simplify the process. How does it work? 

1. Let the system know your available days and time.

2. For restaurants or equipment rentals – Add the available equipment or tables.

3. Guide the type of meeting. Support, Estimate, Consult, Book.

4. Allow or prevent meetings that are on-site locations.

5. Choose the option to add a video link or phone number for the meeting.

6. Set meetings and booking reminders.

7. Apply design effects, logo, color, and more.

8. Place links anywhere you can online.

9. Regular Price is $99/year – Use coupon BOOK25 and get $25 Off!


That is it!

Save the headache of coordinating the next private meeting or booking. The intellect of the Book-It algorithm will save you a tedious dialogue.

Here are some examples:

On Monday at 7:00 p.m., we received a booking from Larry Rose. He booked 5 dumpsters for a demolishing job on Wednesday. Larry says, “I called a couple of dumpster companies. No one replied. Then I went on Affordable Dumpster Near Me and I clicked on a button that says, ‘Order Online’ and requested 5 dumpsters. It took me less than 2 minutes. The next morning, they called to discuss the cost and delivery. The online request system made the process simple.” Larry Rose.


Judy got locked out of her car. Three months ago, I sent her my Paperless Business Card that includes Book-it so she can schedule a meeting with me anytime, anywhere. On Thursday at 1:00 p.m.,

I received a booking text request from her. The Book-it text included her name, number, and the address where she was located. After a short call, we send a technician who unlocked her car door.“- James Karry Locksmith


I added the Book-it link to our Facebook, website, and email. Between the three, we get approximately 2 requests a week. It’s working!“- Marble Polishing Near Me, Dino.

The stories go on and on.

There are few want-to-be solutions to help with this task, but Book-It is the solution that provides complete automated solutions for only $99 a year.

You will also receive a real-time text notification each time a meeting or booking request is viewed.

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