Danger To Android Phone Users: 17 New Malicious Apps Have Been Discovered

dangerous android apps

Danger to Android Phone Users: 17 new malicious apps have been discovered

Have an Android smartphone? Security researchers have found 17 new malicious apps that are hurting android smartphone performance. The apps significantly damage battery life and distribute advertisements and harm the current experience. If you have one of these apps, uninstall them immediately.

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According to Bitdefender, a company known for its antivirus software, all the apps included in this article can harm your mobile performance. The security company has reported that developers are getting better. They are using sophisticated tactics that slip under Google’s radar, causing their applications to be in-store despite the damage they cause. One of the tactics was to stop advertising for 4 hours to avoid e detected as a malicious app by Google. 

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Also, the apps triggered messages at random intervals and split their source code into multiple files to better disguise themselves. They also presented themselves as legitimate by including in their code all the features needed to be in the app store, even if they did not show it to users on the main interface.

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Researchers have found that the 17 apps were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by users around the world. If you have one of them installed on your android smartphone, we recommend that you will remove it.

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Aside from the advertisements, the most notable factor to worry about – they significantly waste your device’s battery life, potentially damaging your android smartphone and the information inside it. Developers are making money at the expense of users and spending vast amounts of smartphone resources.

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The report also stated that developers offered a game for Android, which included additional paid features. However, even though it worked with no ads, the number of commercials was so high that players couldn’t play it. If one of these apps is on the android smartphone, there is a 33 percent chance that you will see high numbers of add.

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Google has announced that it will very soon remove the apps from its store, and will continue to fight against forced ads on downloaders. Security researchers who found the breach noted that the apps were distributing advertisements, removing the apps be enough to get your android smartphone back on track. Below is the list.  

  1. Car Racing 2019
  2. 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)
  3. Backgrounds 4K HD
  4. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro
  5. File Manager Pro – Manager SD Card / Explorer
  6. VMOWO City: Speed ​​Racing 3D
  7. Barcode Scanner
  8. Screen Stream Mirroring
  9. QR Code – Scan & Read and Barcode
  10.  Period Tracker – Cycle Ovulation Women’s
  11.  QR & Barcode Scan Reader
  12.  Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD
  13.  Transfer Data Smart
  14.  Explorer File Manager
  15.  Today Weather Radar
  16.  Mobnet.io: Big Fish Frenzy
  17.  Clock LED