7 Expert Tips On Digital Marketing During The Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID 19)

You might have seen your sales & revenue drop or vanished thanks to the COVID-19. To survive in this market, we have to be creative and innovative. 

For most, Marketing will become complicated than ever. Seeing customers include three parts.

1. Remind all you are open for business

2. Guarantee clean and safe environment 

3. Reach deep in the market to replace customers who will keep themselves in quarantine 

The traditional method of advertising, TV, Radio, Newspapers may be expensive. Online advertising is reasonable and delivers fast. 

There is one more reason to focus on digital marketing. People are spending more time on the internet during the lockdown. 

Here Are 7 Digital Marketing Tips For You During The Time Of The Covid-19.

1. Don’t Make Decisions Out of Panic

The business may have plunged. But it is not forever. The world is moving back to working life. 

We will survive this chaos, just as we did in other recessions, wartime, and pandemics. 

Only this time, we’ll see a drastic behavior change. People will keep a distance. People will prefer a video meeting. Networking, tradeshows, Happy hours, handshake, hugs, touching someone’s business card stopped. This behavior will be the new norm for a long time. 

tips for creating business card

So what do you promote in the unexpected and unknown business environment? 

Safety. Sanitary. Cleaning Environment   

Many vendors stopped advertising. Prices dropped. There is a much better chance to be memorable. Now. 

2. Be in touch with Your Customers on Social Platforms

People are using their social media accounts more than ever during the lockdown. Social media become one of the most significant forms of communication. 

Share engaging content. Add comments. Open conversation. Take about the need to keep safe. Tell everyone what you do to sanitize your place. Chat with people. Be there. Be notice. They will remember you.

3. Help People in the Crisis

Creating Goodwill is The best form of marketing. People remember those who do the right thing. 

Digital Marketing may not be foremost in the minds of many companies. People will remember your actions when they begin to spend money in the future if you help them in crisis.

4. Improve Your Online Presence

More people are online than ever now. Today most have a master’s in online communication. But this doesn’t mean they have lost their interest in the businesses around them. 

A study has shown digital marketing has the best ROI marketing. 

5. Improve Your Site’s SEO

A company with a website can improve its search engine optimization (SEO) principles if they don’t want to end up losing in the competition. 


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Google just changed their search engine algorithms. Check your site frequently and keep up with the trend. 

The purpose of proper SEO is to respond to a potential customer’s keyword search. Being on the top search page for a service is doable and reasonably fast when done smart.  

6. Use PPC Advertising

It depends on your industry, but now could be the perfect time to start or improve your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The number of people using pay-per-click (PPC) drastically increased, and prices are down. PPC gives an excellent chance to see new customers. This can give you a substantial competitive advantage.

7. If Lockdown Extends Plan Your Future Marketing

During the lockdown, you have plenty of time to analyze your business and your online business. From the way, you exchange your business card to online meeting the website, reviews, and more. 

Right Now is the best opportunity to prepare your future marketing strategies and how you will get yourself back up and operational gain. 

Plan out your future campaigns, generate content, and anything else that helps your business during this COVID-19 outbreak.