8 Affordable And Easy Marketing Ideas For Your Businesses

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February is the month of LOVE. did you or you know someone who “fall in love?” Do you know why we are using the term ‘Fall in’? 

Being in love is surrendering. Is that why we say ‘Fall’?

I am not sure. Do you know why? 

Let us use Valentine’s Day, American Heart Month, to show appreciation for our customers, subscribers, and followers, make them love you, and surrender. 

How can we find more customers?

Acquiring customers starts with being where they are and letting them know you are ready to serve them. There are many ways and ideas—with diverse costs and expenses. The problem: we are tried to hear about beautiful ideas, let alone pay for “unknown human idea.” 


paper business card vs paperless business card


There are many lines I can write, and I know you will not read it all, but the 8 points below may help walking in the ‘New Customer” road. 


1. Search campaign Ad- Test for Profit

You don’t need to spend $ 100’s or $ 1000’s of dollars! It’s a misleading conception. Low budget (CPC), Cost Per Click campaign can be used as a benchmark for profit, growth, and most important. 

a. Get new customers quick in downtime. 

b. Find the keywords your target clients attracted too and use them on your website, social media, emails, and the rest of your communication. 

c. Evaluate your website’s ability to turn a visitor to a customer. Pinpoint your online target audience.

There is an affordable way to do it.


2. Develop a customer referral program.

Use your customers as a Free marketing engine. A referral program is one of the most if not the most economic growth program. A referral program is known to deliver rewarding results. 

Your customers like to know you need them to bring their family and friends.

Do not expect referrals if you don’t ask your customers to help.  

How to do it? 

You provide a discount Percentage off or $xx off on the next purchase IF your customers share your gift with his family and friends. 

How much a referral program cost? 

Pennies! $450 to $600 a year compeer to the expected income. 


3. Add Infographic and video on your website and share on Social media

Making infographics and video is more involved, and it’s time-consuming. There are many DIY infographics and video programs to use, but it does need a designer’s hand. If you or you have a creative staff member(s), you can do it. As I said before use the topic and keyword based on your CPC, Pay Per Click campaign will increase your exposure.  


4. Start Email Marketing Campaign

With a potential return on investment of up to 2000 Percent and more email marketing remains the best way to attract and retain customers. The key is Relevancy and Consistency. Email marketing is relationship-building. Some recipients are willing to hear what you have to say, others not. But everyone expects you to stay for the run- even if they don’t react as you like. 

Paperless bookit app


5. Local SEO Efforts 

SEO is a favorite conversation topic. “Be in Google First Page,” “Get More traffic with SEO.” Are some of the promises you heard and probably there are more I don’t know. BUT…

SEO is a common-sense combine with technology. Common-sense because people program it. Technology because the one who decides your page position online is a Robot, not people. 

There are two kinds of SEO efforts.

a. Local SEO– For a local company- mostly brick and mortar and local services. 

b. Global SEO– Companies that sell products and services statewide or nationally.

In most cases, consumers visit the local vendor, lawyer, dentist, hair salon, CPA ext, or the vendor come to the clients, construction, handyman, service personals ext. In both cases, distance is a barrier. As a result, Google shows Location- based-results. 

These will not be true to national companies that sell products or services nationally. They will be subject more to content marketing and ads. 

The SEO plan must match the type of business. 



There is more to write on the subject than you are willing to read. 

We decided to have a webinar

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    Publish monthly or bi-monthly newsletter 

    Again, this requires some effort. Find topics that will interest your target audience. Have 3 to 4 articles and share via email or text. Keep yourself, “Top of Mind.” Don’t let new vendor interest your clients.


    6. Create and distribute a weekly or biweekly article: How Too or What to do — not a sale, and more sale ads

    Each week publish a short article. Use the keywords and search terms used by consumers in your CPC campaign. The article can be short, but it needs to answer or show people How-To, Or What to do. 


    7. Contact old prospects via Interactive Business Card

    Sadly, we shared our paper business card with many who no longer remember we are ready to serve them. I recently did my roof. A week after it was done, I bumped into an old friend who owns a roofing company. All I could think about where was he when I looked for a roofer? Had he text me his interactive business card once every 6 months, he will be the person to do the job. We forget. Text your interactive business card to old prospects; what you get will surprise you. 


    8. Collect and distribute reviews

    Every individual is looking to justify his or her decision. That the purpose of reading reviews. Can you change human behavior? 

    Since childhood, we are reviewed. 

    It started with our parents, then report cards, then work-reviews, credit card score/review.  

    Reviews are a certificate of “do business with” or “walk away from.” The algorithm is ‘what we expect to do next’ or ‘who will find you.’ 

    Ignore the two, and you will find yourself (ITM) ‘in the money’ or ‘(OTM) ‘out of money’ as an options trader said. 

    Have a Biggi day


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    You don't need to spend $ 100's or $ 1000's of dollars! It's a misleading conception. 8 points below may help walking in the 'New Customer" road.
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