11 Useful Tips for Getting The Most Of Your Business Card

tips for creating business card

Do you know that most people only use 50% of their Paperless Business Card? These simple tips will help you to experience big.

1. Text Immediately To Any Prospect Or Client:

Gobiggi Paperless Business Card is the fastest way to grab and engage anyone. Open your Text-App, enter your prospect or client name and Mobile number or email, choose from the drop-down Paperless Biz-Card, Book-It, or Request for review, and click send.

***When your contact views the info, you will get a real-time open notification even if it is after a year.


how to text your interactive paperless business card


2. Easily Manage Your Cover-Messages:

Each one of the products you share, via text or email, Paperless biz card, request for review, or meeting, a cover message should be included. Login to your dashboard, Go to the product(s), open the Text and Email template section, and write a short generic message. Each cover message must include a headline. Each time you Text or email is shared, your cover-message will be attached.


Easily Manage Your Cover-Messages


Additional generic messages can be added. On the left side menu, go to additional templates tab, and add custom messages.

3. Message Headline Syncs With Your Text-app:

On your custom Text-App, you will see your Headlines. It’s the message attached to the product you send. Enter the contact name, the email or mobile number, or both, choose the product/headline and click to send. Your cover message will be attached.


Message Headline Syncs With Your Text-app


4. Activate Auto-reminder:

Sharing a business card, Paper, or Paperless does not guarantee business. People may need the product or service in the future or simply forget you.


How to Activate Auto-reminder on Gobiggi text app


But you will remember them. Go to your dashboard, open the product tab, find the reminder section, and set a time to auto re-text your message. Re-sending the message is the best way and most economical way to be memorable and top of mind.

5. A List Of Your Clients And Prospects:

We share business cards with people we don’t remember. Missed the name of new prospects? Your contact forgot to view your communication? Open Contacts or the tracking tab in your dashboard left menu, find the name and re texted or emailed. Click re-send and reach them one more time.


contact list



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6. Event base- layout:

For some networking event, you like to have a professional, corporate business card. To others, you want to have a video card. Change the Card theme base on your ‘Now Need’ and get the most of it.


how to create video business card


7. Live Knowing Not Guessing:

Real-time Open-Notification is as living in the dark or the light. Do need to wonder anymore. Click to activate the real-time open notification, see the light and be in business, not around the business.


how to get realtime open notification after texting your business card


8. The Tradeshow Solution:

Place an iPad on your table. Let visitors enter their name, email, or mobile number, and your paperless business card will be shared with them. You will create visitors list, and you will know who opened your communication. Nothing But Win.


ipad business card

9. The Invoice And Quotation Notification:

How to attach a presentation, invoice, company profile to Interactive Paperless Business Card. On your dashboard, open Business Card or Book-it. Step One include your contact information. After entering the address, you will be able to upload a file. Your recipient will be able to download the file or listen to a podcast or view a video on any device.


attach company profile


10. Make Life Easier- Let Prospects Have Your Information At Their Fingertips:

Make life easy to all. A visit to your website, send an email, get a direction to your location, call you, save your contact information, is one click.


Clickable interactive paperless business card

11. The SEO Big Benefits:

Let Google transfer to its search users your information. In your product tab, look for Google SEO. Write a short description: The service you provide or the product your sell and where you do it. Let the magic work.


SEO BENEFIT by gobiggi reviews


Done! But you get a lot more with Gobiggi. Move forward.

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