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Business has no borders. The first phone call with a prospect or a vendor is a long-distance hookup even if you’re only across the street. All entrepreneurs and businesses are engaged in a long-distance business relationship. With the help of technology long-distance business is easier, faster, and cheaper than ever. Still some ruin it. 

The first challenge is the first call. 

I’d love to be a fly on the wall of any first phone call. The exchange of information is an awesome comedy show.  

It usually starts with spelling of the email…  

  • Client: “Is that a V or B?”  
  • Vendor: “No. It’s D.”   
  • Vendor thinking to himself: What the F?   
  • Client: “OK got it. B – after the B you said S?”
  • Client thinks: Shit. What is he saying?  
  • Vendor: “No, no, no. The First letter is a B like boy then C like Charley.”
  • Client: “Oh, sorry, B like Boy. And what comes after?” 

Silent curses, swears, frustrations and confusion produce 5 minutes of pure comedy. 

In a face to face meeting, we are accustomed to the tradition of a Business Card Exchange. Many times, we don’t have the business card with us, and 90% of the time we lose or trash the business card. But nevertheless, the tradition of the paper business card exchange endures for good reason – every business transaction starts with successful information exchange. 

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I like to ask vendors, “Why you are eliminating the Business Card Exchange just because you’re on the phone? You have a hot lead on the phone, and you are F’ing Around. 

Ask for a mobile number and text your Paperless Interactive Business Card in real time. It’s that simple.”  

The Paperless Business Card includes your information and more. It eliminates stress, anxiety, and rejection.  It starts and ends your first encounter on the right foot. 

Don’t allow distance to ruin opportunity. We’re living in the information age! Everything is one finger tap away.  

Your buyer, right from the Paperless Interactive Business card can click on Book-it and schedule a meeting, set a dental appointment, rent equipment, or anything else in a matter of seconds.

 It’s so much better the spending 5 minutes spelling, cursing, and getting off to a bad start. 

Do It Now!! Get a Paperless Interactive Business Card.  

You’re still on the fence? Here are some amazing advantages Paperless Interactive Business Card provides.  

  • Paperless Interactive Business Cards are always with you
  • You text or email your card from your Mobile device, Computer, or Tablet. 
  • Text and Email templates:
    There is no need to write a text or email each time you share the Paperless Business Card. You do it once. To Send, enter the name, mobile number or email, and tap send. 
  • Put your company and your information prospects’ fingertips:
    Even though 90% of Paper Business Cards are trashed in the first week, keep the tradition! Share your paper card, then Text your Paperless Business Card and satisfy our Instant Gratification Society in real time. 
  • Engage your prospect in the first 5 minutes:
    Paperless Interactive Business Cards Look like a regular Business Card – But they are engaging. 80% of candidates click and visit the website, click to the review page, click to Google maps for directions, click On Book-it to schedule a meeting or Click on the Email to start a conversation. It comfortable for all personality types.  
  • It Creates a prospect list immediately.
  • Each time you enter a name, phone number, and email it will be saved. 
  • We made the paperless Business Card design easy
  • It takes 5 to 10 minutes to design and 2 more minutes to start texting or emailing 
  • You start a relationship with support-based company
  • When It comes to Making Consumers Costumers, we are always ready to listen and provide help if we can.
  • It’s affordable
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