The Real Devastating Story Behind Your Business Card

Do You Know The Real Devastating Story Behind Your Paper Business Card?

An 8-year-old child needs 170 ounces of water a day. It takes 11,000 ounces of water, nearly 64 days of your child’s water supply to produce 1000 paper business cards. Every year 100 billion business cards get produced worldwide. We kill, cut and shred nearly 6 million trees to produce those business cards. To make matters worse, within one week of receiving a business card, almost 90% of them are thrown away.

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One of the biggest drivers behind deforestation and habitat destruction is wood harvesting for paper products. 42% of wood harvested is for paper. This is a big concern considering 50% of all of Earth’s carbon is stored in trees. Trees are one of the biggest helpers in the fight against climate change. In the name of Business Cards we kill them and our future.

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Old-growth and old second-growth forests store much more carbon that newly planted forests, and provide a significantly more bio-diverse environment than plantation-grown forests.

The disconnect between our valuable forests and our next business card doesn’t exist for most us.

Paper Business Card Environmental Impact

Paper production is a disaster for the environment. Paper production drains resources and is the most polluting of all manufacturing industries adding emissions to the atmosphere and water bodies.

In the U.S, paper manufacturing uses more water per unit to manufacture paper than anything else. It takes 324 liters of water to make two-pound stack of paper.

There’s more negative impact from paper production than just harmful emissions. The mass amount of energy consumption used to transport and handle paper, combined with the waste management process is staggering. Paper makes up 50% of business waste, 35% of municipal waste, and 25% of overall waste that goes to landfills.

Once in a landfill, paper decomposes and releases a methane gas that is over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

You Can Make a Difference

Once again technological innovation is solving our environmental issues. You no longer have to be a participant in the paper pollution business. Design your paperless business cards today and show others how they can opt out of the disastrous practice of paper business card use. The paperless Interactive business card allows you to get away from the paper pollution industry and connect to Today’s Instant Gratification Society faster. Put all your information in their fingertips in one second. It’s the ultimate win win.

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