We tried the new ‘Acquire-Customer’ trend

You can never be as loud and convincing as customer’s reviews!

Convincing the search engine to rank you high and prospect to act based on the reputation customers build for you.

“For more than two years, we have been listed in the first and second position on Google search because of our collection of reviews,” Says J.C. Trade Audio, a Miami two ways radio rental company.

How can you collect Google and Gobiggi Reviews Via text or email and share them on your website, on your interactive business card, and throughout the rest of your online assets?
I’ll show you in a second, it’s simple.

We stopped all magazine ads this year. We concentrated on good services and reviews. it’s by far the cheapest and most effective way to add a new client. Our reviews push more customers then we can serve” Dino Sarrs, Brilliant Marble,

Without any doubt; Word-of-Mouth is the BEST and fastest business growth hormone.

When we talk about how fast and how many customers can you acquire we talk about

1. How broad is your reach?
2. How often you reach them
3. What will convince them to act?

When a business says “We are the one for you because of Bla.. Bla… Bla…” it’s empty, and it sounds silly. After all, everyone says it one way or the other.

When a large number of customers tell their family, friends, search engine and the community about their individual experiences – IT’S MONEY.

Reviews build Reputation. Reputation is what customers look to justify a buy!

This is nothing new, it’s part of the human Psyche.

Read reviews, build trust, provide a reason to justify the decision to act… and BUY.

Today, consumers are trained to use larger numbers of word-of-mouth recommendations as a metric. It provides a way to bypass the time it takes to search and form an accurate judgment.

That’s why

• 88% of consumers trust online reviews.
• 70% of people trust the opinions of others.
• A consumer will read 11 online reviews before making a decision.
• Prominently displayed negative reviews on a site make people move on.
• 42% of people will share good service.

Avoiding Review collection is business suicide.
Especially when it’s easy, fast, approximately $1.5 a day, poses zero risks and provide tons of benefits.

Customers suck energy, use their energy to advance you.

Google loves your customer reviews. The more reviews you have, the more you are rewarded in the search rankings. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, built a 70-billion-dollar fortune based on reviews.

The formula is simple: Feedback builds a reputation. Good reputations push sales.

Collecting reviews are Easy:

  1. Install the AVI on your Mobile, Tablets, and Computer.
  2. Update the intelligent Text and Email Template in AVI interactive Brain.
  3. You’re ready to collect Reviews. VIA Text or Email.
  4. Have your CRP, Custom Review Page published.
  5. Connect your Google and Gobiggi Reviews to it.
  6. All collected reviews will post immediately in real time.
  7. Attach the AVI Widget to all your online assets.
  8. That’s it! Now you can easily collect, feature, and attract prospects and clients.

NOTE: Your customers can even post video reviews!

Are you ready to climb the Business Ladder?

7 wonders of the world of Customers Reviews

Social Proof: You can write compelling content about how great your business is, but nothing is more load and credible than approval from a real customer.

Build Trust: No business is perfect. Negative reviews (if they come) give you an opportunity to show how you deal with unsatisfied customers and strengthens the trust factor even more with your audience.

Improve Rankings: Your consumer reviews consider to be User- Generated-Content. Search engine feed on it. And Loves it. It rewards you with high rank and top visibility on high traffic platforms like Google.

Shareable Content: Reviews are easy and effective content you can share on your website and across your social media accounts.

Holistic Viewpoint: Customer reviews let others know not only about the quality of your product or service but about the overall experience of engaging with your business.

Stand Out and over your competition: Often a customer review will focus on an aspect of your business that is completely unique, maybe even one you have overlooked yourself.

Stronger Brand Identity: Customer reviews give you an opportunity to respond and interact with your customers outside of your business in a way that shows off your personality.

Do it big, Gobiggi.