I left a business event with a pocket full of business cards. Every time someone handed me a business card, I said to myself, “What the hell I do with one more paper business card? Write notes on it? Fold it and Balance the coffee table? Add it to the Rolodex I don’t have…”

Do you have or know what a Rolodexes is?

I don’t think anyone who gave me their card expects me to “use it.” I’m sure they don’t use the cards they receive.

Which leads me to a question – “Why do so many people hand out business cards knowing they will get lost, forgotten, ignored, or trashed?

Why don’t they have a backup plan? Particularly when the interactive business card you can text from your phone, computer or tablet cost pennies.

If I meet you at any event and you share with me your Vistaprint business card, how will I view your website? Read your reviews? Schedule an appointment with you? Get driving directions to your office?

Do you expect me to type and search?

And do so with all the cards we collect?

Please allow me to say on behalf of 75% of the business community:

If you wish to start a relationship with our companies, or with us as individuals, don’t expect us to copy the small type on your Vistaprint business card and search. Provide something that can lead us – as leaders do.

Do as I’ve done for the last two years. Close deals and grow your active prospect list.

Keep sharing the traditional Vista-print business card. BUT text your interactive business card right after.

See which one gets you more business.

You won’t lose anything, only gain. Test it.

Becoming an entrepreneur is easy. Being a successful entrepreneur is not.  Avoiding new technology, trends, and communication innovations will put you in the dust.

Successful entrepreneurs are vibrant. They act young. They are personable. Daniella Lion said, “Telling someone, I texted you my business card, is personal. It sounds sexy. People love it”

Entrepreneurs move with and create trends. They withdraw from the small business owner mentality and can get things done on a table that balanced with a printed business card, and a laptop. For formality, they hand over their Vistaprint business card and immediately text their interactive business card.

After a handshake and card sharing session, I say, “I texted you my Biz-card.” That gets curiosity. Most people open text they receive quickly. When they see your interactive card, they’re compelled to visit your website and read your reviews. They can’t help it – it’s right there, one finger movement away.

You don’t need to create a text message each time you text. You do need to update AVI texts and emails template. Merely add the person’s name and number to the AVI communication and click send. They’ll receive it in a second. From there they will visit your website and your Motivation Review Page. They can click Skdpro to schedule an appointment or connect to Google Maps for directions to your office.

Not everyone needs an app. But everyone needs an inexpensive Interactive Business card to double or quadruple the closing ratio. A Vista-print business card alone does not cut it anymore.

If you are a dentist, lawyer, CPA, a service company, simply texting your business card will increase your closing and prospects list. It will allow you to reach them in a few simple clicks. You might even start running your competitors out of town… If you’re a technology company, let your prospects schedule a demo request right from your interactive business card. If you’re on your way to building a leading company, it’s always best to act like a leader. When you lead, prospects will follow.

The technology and strategy are at your fingertips. Go ahead and try it. Continue using the old Vistaprint business card knowing it will be lost, misplaced, or trashed, but immediately text your Gobiggi interactive business card. Watch what happens. Test it now.