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paper business card vs paperless business card

At one point, I managed the lead collection for a large air condition company. We were combating an ad that said “Your partner is hot. Check your air condition”. 

I realized that there is a short window of time between prospects say “I like to do” and “I don’t need it now, we’ll talk soon”. I also understood that a lot of prospects weren’t interested in the process, they were very much interested, however, is the easiest way to make it happen.

And that will apply to 97% of today’s buyers. 

How to create the moment where they say, ” I like to do it now” and what tool you provide to bring them in?  

With the fast internet and new technologies, consumers choose to text and email instead of talk companies find that integrating online meeting scheduling software is not an option; it is the customers’ request and a beneficial necessity for their overall business operations. 

In this study, we formed a research model that consists of perceived value, trust toward an online meeting, and booking software and trust toward the company who is using an online scheduler. 

359 individuals with prior experience in booking meetings, equipment, doctor, and dentist appointment online were part of the study. We found that the perceived value of price and quality of service was part of the online scheduling. Before online scheduling software, prospects and consumers would participate in a back and forth email string trying to find a mutual day and time for the meeting or booking. The process was time-consuming and complicated for people who are on the road. 

But more crucial; 

It cools down a hot prospect.  

Book-it, the Gobiggi online meeting scheduler software, allows consumers to request right from their mobile or computer a meeting, book a table, equipment based on the vendor, or supplier availability at any day and time.

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Based on the vendor time or availability, consumers can use mobile devices to book a conference call, dentist appointment, a table at a restaurant in seconds

The ‘Text-App’ is an integral part of book-it serve as a simple interface for a text and email hub. A vendor can text and email various clients’ day-to-day critical messages using the ‘Text-App” in seconds.

The mobile interface has made scheduling a meeting much more comfortable for vendors and users.  

The Text can include a request for review, paperless interactive business card, which increases prospects interaction by 56%, an invitation for a referral program, meeting conformation, thank you note, and more.

Before, the perceived value of online scheduling software has been considered as a salient factor to predict individuals’ purchase behavior. We now know that the ‘value’ plays an essential role to those who intend to request an appointment via online meeting scheduler- or better said your Hot and probably new possible consumer. 

We are very aware that the vendor price point, the service, and the reviews are critical values before a prospect uses the online meeting schedule software. So, we have created information-a call to action hub to entice the user to act. 

The call to action hub is a vendor Aspiration Hub. 

The Aspiration Hub is a custom online asset that includes: a Site Reviews- a mini-website featuring Google and Gobiggi reviews called WebReviewSite. Customer’s incentive. Book-It, an online meeting and booking scheduler, and Paperless Interactive Business Card. The hub is an answer to prospects’ possible questions and needs. Candidates like to know:

  1. What you do- Services, Equipment, or Products.
    The WebReviewSite includes services and photo gallery
  2. What customers say – Reviews
    Google and Gobiggi review not only are visible but also collected
  3. Incentive – Give me a reason to act
    You can design a new offer each week in a few minutes
  4. Book-it- Let me schedule a meeting, book a table or equipment.
    Let The user schedule a meeting or Book equipment based on your availability.

The four online assets we described above, answers 95% of prospect questions and requests and inspire connection. 

Creating the Aspiration Hub is fast and inexpensive. It’s an excellent answer to those who start a business, have a business, but and plan to increase their customer base and those who don’t have a website but need new clients Now. 

Companies and organizations that have a website connect the Aspiration Hub to their current website. There is no need to make any changes to the site. Customers and consumers will read the reviews and connects. 

Our Data shows that site visitors stay on a website an average of 1 to 1.5 Minutes. When Google and Gobiggi Reviews are connected and visible, they remain for 2.5 to 5 minutes reading reviews. That increase interaction with the Book-It, online booking, and meeting scheduler by 37%. 

Because of the online environment, trust plays a vital role in the use of online meeting schedule software than in the traditional offline markets. For consumers to realize the amazing contribution of our product to their operation, we use social platforms. We hope to receive visitors to our website after they saw our logo, read one of our blog articles, visit our Facebook or Instagram page, and watch one of our short videos. 

The initial interaction serves as a meet and greets and an invitation to visit the Gobiggi website. 

Once on the website, they are more likely to move forward and request a demo by using the Online appointment scheduler. The booking and meeting scheduler software provides easy and fast use.

Previous studies on online purchases have argued that online trust influences consumers’ intentions to make a booking or meeting. In this study, we paid attention to trust, which should greatly influence the plan to book. Some research indicates that the main reason individuals were hesitant to act online is related to a lack of trust.  

We also consider online trust as one of the key factors helping users to book. Generally, consumers will trust a vendor that makes its policies visible and educate visitors about new specials and incentives they have.

paper business card vs paperless business card

Building trust in the first 30 to 60 seconds of the visit will get the user to use the meeting scheduler or the booking. It’s essential to have the incentives widget visible, and the reviews visible to read. Positive online reviews will raise individuals’ trust in the company. 

We also looked at the relationship between online reviews and visitor trust. We wanted to understand consumers’ intention to use the online scheduling software after reading customer reviews. 

While price plays a significant role in deciding to request a meeting or booking via online appointment scheduling software, price is not the ultimate decision. Consumers will pay more if they believe the service is better. 

Based on our finding we can say that 

  1. Reasonable price influences perceived value. 
  2. Quality service expressed by previous customers will convince a visitor to pay more. 
  3. Positive reviews will deliver more and better customers who will pay a higher price

We also studied that consumers decide on value by balancing fair price and quality. Quality could be one of the drivers behind formulating value. 

For example, Gobiggi exhibited its value as the best-priced medium between consumer behavior and vendors’ objectives and needs. 

Raw fact: In September of 2017, we started a relationship with a dental office in Hialeah Garden, Miami. The dental office followed our system. On Dec 1, 2019, just 30 months after, we open a campaign bottle in their third location.  

When using the scheduling meeting software, we see that the relationship between people’s perceived value and intention to make a booking is highly related. 

In marketing, consumer trust considered as a psychological state of accepting vulnerability based on positive expectations. Some say that consumers buy more from a trusted source/website than a distrusted salesperson. 

With consumer’s dependency on the internet and the competitive environment attach to the online, many companies provide consumers more insights and detailed information about their services or products. Featuring a sophisticated online meeting schedule software will demonstrate the company’s trust in their ability to communicate and deliver, which boosts consumer trust significantly. 

In the case of the robust information, videos, and price convince patients to the dental care quality they about to experience and inspire them to use the online appointment scheduler. And it’s true to say that Affordable Implants Near Me dentists is a pioneer in the dental implant revolution. 

We also studied that Online appointment software increases the value of the websites and the company in the eye of the visitors. Any attempt to improve the consumers and company communication on the website or the interactive Business Card is viewed positively by the consumers even if they don’t use it. Adding Online Reviews is the icing on the cake. Reviews keep people reading, increase their time on the site, and the number of online meeting requests that come from the Online Meeting scheduler.  

Based on the studies, we can say that: 

  1. Online reviews positively influence trust 
  2. Trust leads to more use of the online meeting scheduled software 

Finally, consumers’ intention to book online meetings via meeting schedule software is changing the increase the company workflow. 

How much you love the exchange the 10 to 25 emails to schedule one 15-minute meeting?

How much you love to see new customer meetings or booking requests after a good night’s sleep?

The research model of this study showed that the smaller the company is, the more they need the online booking scheduler or the online meeting schedule software. Small companies limited with personal help. Any automated online widget enhances the possibility to receive and send -On-The-Go needed messages. 

This example will feature a single business operator who does over 1 million dollars in Marble Polishing Business-

The company website is basic —

  1. The reviews featured on the website capture 85% of the time a user spent on the site.
  2. An incentive offer is visual  
  3. A meeting scheduler is visual.  
  4. Users click on the online meeting scheduler and choose the day and time based on the owner/operator’s available time.
  5. She or he enters their address and sends for an estimate request.  
  6. The request arrived at the owner/operator, and he approved the day and time. 
  7. The approval is Text to the user and added to the owner/operator choice of calendar. 
  8. The user will receive two reminders. 

 We also studied the user interaction with the online meeting scheduler when it attached to the paperless interactive business card

Texting the Interactive Paperless Business Card inspire the recipient to tap and learn more. A face-to-face meeting leaves an impression the Interactive Paperless Business Card allows the prospect to Learn More and use the Online booking software or Online meeting software.

Convince the steel to bend while it’s hot. 

Learn More; Read reviews, check the incentive, and request a demo via online meeting or booking software. →

There are many positive attributes to the sharing Interactive Paperless Business Card after the Face-to-Face meeting. 

  1. The prospect stays longer on the site which contributes to the website online ranking 
  2. Recipient know the person and therefor open to learning more about the company
  3. It inspires interaction and even referrals 

In addition to the Face-to-face meeting and the direct relationships, while both price and quality influences directly the perceived value, online reviews have direct effects on trust toward the individual and the company he or she represents. 

Based on the findings, this study has the following research contributions. First, according to the results, we have found that the Face-to-Face meeting, the possibility to read reviews and learn more instantly and see new specials increase the use of Online Booking. Second, we have also found that trust in the company due to online booking software has a significant effect on individuals’ intention to book. 

The study emphasizes that companies and individual in the companies must focus on the perceived value of their offering since value have a decisive impact on consumers. When you understand the consumers’ perceived value, you can have better offerings of price and quality. 

Building up trust is enhancing and promoting online reviews. Consumers rely on online reviews to build trust and reduce the uncertainty associated with their decision to interact with the company. Therefore, companies should be aware of the importance of gathering online reviews. 

Make My Life Easier, I’ll Make You Happier. 
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