Stung By A Street Stripper

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“I saw that you stole and hid it in your clothes,” he shouted furiously.

A street merchant on Rambles Boulevard in Barcelona accused a young woman of stealing. She stripped right in front of my eyes to prove she wasn’t stealing. It was a sting. 

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The Spanish sting: Tourists watched a young woman strip in the street of Barcelona 

I was traveling with a group in Barcelona. We walked down the famous Rambla pedestrian zone. The street is packed with Street vendors. Suddenly, we heard shouts coming from one of a little souvenir stand. One of the street vendors was yelling at a young girl standing in front of him. She was a beauty in her mid-20, tiny, but she was screaming back and at him.

“I saw that you stole and hid it in your clothes,” he shouted furiously.

“I didn’t steal anything,” the girl shouted back to him. “You are a fool and a liar.”

“Don’t you dare move, I call the police,” the owner continued, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket.

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Due to the loud shouts, many people began to gather and look at the play.

“You’re probably blind,” the girl replied furiously, “I didn’t steal anything, and if I stole where I put it? In the bag? I don’t have a bag,  and there’s nothing in my pockets,” she said as she pulled the inside of her pockets. 

“You see? I have nothing stupid you,” she said.

The stand owner stood flushed with anger. “You think I’m dumb? You put what you stole into your shirt,” he bellowed.

The girl shook her head as if she couldn’t believe her ears. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she lifted her hands over her head and with a quick pull, removed her blouse, standing with the bra to her body. The whole crowd gathered around was stunned. The young woman approached the vendor showing her hands on her bra. “You see?” She shouted, “You see, I didn’t take anything for you.”

He stood in front of her, amazed as we all were, and did not say a word. The young woman was in the midst of a storm of emotions.

“Look, stupid man,” she continued screaming, “and you’ll see that I didn’t put anything on my pants either.” Quickly, she unzipped her pants, rolled them up, and stood in front of him, wearing a bra and sexy tiny panties. Then she turned to us, the large crowd standing around, with her pants pulled down shouting. “Look at me and tell me, “Did I stole something from this idiot.”



That moment, police officers standing nearby began to come closer to find out what’s going on. The young woman picked up her pants, put them on, put on her shirt, spit on the sidewalk in the direction of the street vendor, and disappeared into the crowds strolling down the street.

The vendor made a face and said, “she is a liar” and returned to his place. The whole crowd dispersed. We kept going, laughing, and joking about the free strip girl held before our eyes. 

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Not only were the passenger wallets gone, so was the booth

A few minutes later, we were sitting in a nearby cafe when the time comes to pay my wallet with the money I had in my bag was gone. 

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I thought I forgot the wallet in the hotel room. I asked my friends to land me money until we get to the hotel. The wife and husband next to me put the hand in the pocket. Sandra looked frightened; She did not have her pocketbook. Her husband did not have his wallet. 

We saw a semi strip show, and most of us lost our wallets. 

Barcelona is known to have many pickpockets and crooks. Even before we left for the trip, I repeatedly warned and recommended that during the trip, take only a little money for the daily needs, and keep the wallets to safes in the rooms.

A few minutes later, another’s travelers reported that a package, wallets, and pocketbook pocket disappeared.

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It was only now that I realized that the girl who was in front of our eyes made a show. While we were confined to what was happening and the half-naked body, “skilled” pickpockets cleaned our pockets, backpacks, and purses.

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I explained the incident cops. We were fallen victim to the crooks. Two police officers accompanied us and asked me to show them the street vendor. Remembering exactly where it was, we hurried along to the souvenir booth, the booth and its owners disappeared.

Moral: Don’t look at a young street stripper. Move far see less and keep more in your pockets