From Paper Business Card to Interactive Paperless

paper business card vs paperless business card

If you were told a few years ago that paperless interactive business cards are going to be one of the hottest products in the world, you probably would have replied that this is science fiction. This legendary product stayed traditional for a long time and, hopefully, forever. 

In the last 18 months, one sexiest and innovative business card enters the market. Mainly thanks to its ability to be texted or emailed it in less than 5 seconds, the paperless Business Card with its variety of professional and traditional look sent a message to those who doubt: Business Aren’t dead


They become paperless and interactive. 

Paper business cards were considered a drowsy product for a long time until the Paperless Business Card arrived. Gobiggi entry into the field with interactive paperless Business cards helped ignite the networking market. Ten billion cards will exchange hands in 2020. 88% will end in the trash within a week of sharing. 

Ten million real business people will text their interactive Paperless Business Cards and connect with 35% of new prospects in a meaningful way. 

Go paper or Go paperless now.

Design in 10 minutes, share in 3 seconds. 

As in many other cases in the tech world, much of the “blame” falls on the big companies. While the US giant was not the first to introduce interactive business card, its entry into the networking field has signaled competitors the changed reality. The interactive Paperless Business Card was launched in 2016 and has become a hit among the mover and shakers.

The truth is that when the Paperless Interactive Business Cards launched, the reactions were pretty chilly. Critics did not recognize the problem with the paper business card staffed in men’s pockets and ladies’ pocketbooks. They wondered who would text a paperless interactive business card?  

In 1943 Thomas Watson, the president of IBM, said: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” 

In 1977, Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation said, “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”

We all know how wrong they were. 

In the last two years, consumers express their love for the interactive business card iconic design. The functionality made the interactive paperless Business Card a popular product among card recipients who like to learn more about the vendor services or products.  

When walking around Soth Beach, Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, where every head is looking at the phone screen, sharing tiny little paper cards is odd. 

Recipients push growth to 85%

In August 2019, Gobiggi launched Interactive Business Card Pro The newer version connects to Book-It, an online meeting schedule software. Book-it features aligned with the dynamic networkers in the metropolitan cities. Unlike the previous release, the Paperless Digital Business Card Pro comes with features that allow users to customize based on their needs. 

A 1000 Paperless business cards are only $36 a year. 

The launch of the paperless business card was a request from mother nature. Mother nature cries for oxygen. We cut 6 million trees each year and use millions of gallons of water to produce the business card that ends in the trash after a week put us to work. To create 1000 business cards, we use 11,000 ounces, 64 to 80 days of a kid water supply. paper business card vs paperless business card

That was a solid reason to build a paperless business card platform. But there many other reasons: 

1. We are a paperless society 

2. We are an interactive community. 

3. Today consumers, if they can click it- they leave it. 

Lior Green, a senior analyst at Gobiggi Research, estimates that by 2020, the paperless business Card will grow by 50-60 percent.

Gobiggi, if you are wondering, is the most relevant player: According to the analyst, it’s market share in the third quarter of 2020 will reach 28%. The Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone are excellent platforms to send and feature the Paperless Business Card. 

But the idea is not only to sell Paperless Business Cards. “We are looking to enrich the connection between prospects and clients- starting at the very first meeting.” 

Besides its enormous environmental damage and its long tradition, Paper Business Card doesn’t deliver

Many don’t carry them anymore, and those who receive then have no need or place to store them. 

The pro version provides a sell momentum at any given time. Prospect and clients can instantly visit most of the company’s online assets, read reviews, visit the website, schedule an appointment, book a table, or equipment via Book-It an online meeting scheduler. Besides, people not necessarily need the service at the time of engagement or forgot about the service or product; the interactive business card will Auto Re-Text at the time it’s owner schedules. It’s a revolutionary approach that matches our busy and interactive lifestyle. 

Ask yourself: What Are you sharing? 

It seems that Gobiggi’s has made the best and boldest decision: They kept the integrity look of the traditional business card. “We only added an interactive functionality, and you can text or email in less than 3 seconds.” Said Pritam, Gobiggi’s Senior Programmer.

Business Card Aren’t Dead; they become paperless and interactive. 

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, marketers believed that the paper card would die. But they held their ground. On one side, businesspeople share their paper cards: the recipient holds the Business Card, looks, lifts the head and smiles, stock deep in their pockets, and 88% of recipients trash it within one week. 

Why trash? 



Because a passive Paper Business Card can’t compete with the unlimited information, we find online.

A US consumer survey found that paperless Interactive Business card increases interaction with new prospects by 58%. The study indicates that recipients appreciate the interactive function, and the facility to save the information in a click. Recipients love the fast access to the reviews and the online meeting schedule. To our surprise, a large number said that in most cases, understanding and spelling the vendor website and email address it’s time-consuming and frustrating. The Interactive Business Card eliminates that all together. 

Most found it pleasing to see that the paperless Business Card looks like a Paper business card.  

What Are you sharing? 

Business card users are forced to choose between tradition- Paper Business Card or consumer choice Tradition with a twist – Interactive Paperless Business Card. 

And what is happening in your area? 

Dino Soros, CEO of Brilliant Marble, talks about a swift growth in the estimate-booking after sharing his Interactive Business Card. “People read the reviews and invite us for an estimate, unlike what we experienced in the last 36 years with the paper business card. 

I guess the smartphone holder love everything on their phone,” said Dino. 

In Jay’s estimation, the primary consumers of paperless business cards are businesspeople who acknowledge reality and learn from others’ mistakes and successes. 

Barnes & Noble bankrupt because of the Kindel. Kodak bankrupt because of digital photography. IBM lost the personal computer market because they believe there is room for only 5 computers. 

How many prospects, meetings, and business You lost because people forgot you, lost or trashed your business card you will never know.  

Why reach people with a professional traditional and Interactive Paperless Business Card and connect.

So what should be your next step? 

If mobile users are your consumers, then it is worth considering reaching them where they look more than 200 times a day.  

If you think I am wrong, let us know.

If you think we are right with only 50%, then $36 is a way to check it. Click and design your card in 10 minutes. Text or email it in 3 seconds and be current and relevant.