What Will Make 2020 Your Good Year?

paper business card vs paperless business card

It’s fantastic to witness and live during the evolution of technology and trends. In 2015 consumers start with multi-channel communication. Companies looked for more than one channel to interact with the customer. The customer service video moved to the mainstream in 2016. In 2017 data and AI, machine learning was the talk of the day; in 2018, customer experience becomes personalized communication. We become aware that big data has great value as long as it addresses each one as ‘small’ individual. Customized interfaces were implemented. In 2019 digital start a new transformation. Technology is moving fast, while consumers try to keep up with it. 

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The internet becomes a service platform. People expect the internet to answer questions and fast. 

Jay Avner, CEO, Gobiggi Services2020 is the year where customer experience will lead to the income board.

Consumers already have all the information and services online. They are always one click or tap away from all they need, from ordering food to sending money. We are a clickable nation. Everything that is not clickable or interactive becomes part of history: the paper business card is an excellent example. While most people still use the paper business card, every interactive paperless business card user will tell you that an interactive business card brings 700% more business because it’s interactive, and recipients love it. The interactive paperless business card asks then to do what they do naturally. Click and tap! 

Anyway, what’s remain competitive beside the price is consistent, seamless customer experience. Searching for innovative ways to help consumers who are drowning in a sea of confusing and many times, contradicting information will drive consumer interaction.  

 The trends are already on the way. 

 What 2020 will be? 

1. Services Over Products Or Price:

In 2020, services behind products will be the reason to buy products. If you saw the Peloton commercial, you immediately realize that the bike is a tool to use during an incredible exercising session that carries a monthly fee. Young consumers are no longer “things” consumers. Smartphone sales are down. There is no need to replace older working phones. Research shows that we are buying less. And we are buying based on experiences, not just price. Connecting to people is the base of a transaction: Consumers are looking for the experience. That makes business life interesting. Re-imagine your business practices. Instead of finding new products to sell, find a unique experience using your existing products. 

paper business card vs paperless business card

The young consumers don’t care to own car, but they’ll pay a monthly fee to share a car. The same applies to vacation rentals and even clothing rental. Service attracts customers, not the products themselves.

2. Thoughtfulness Is In:

In our ‘big data’ era, feeling lonely isn’t a business metric. Feeling alone is behind consumer demands and needs to be acknowledged and understood. 

A large number of companies start paying attention to consumer feelings. Customers who have an emotional connection to a brand become loyal advocates. They make repeat purchases and promote the brand to family and friends. Building trust and relationships is a much better approach, then adding new products to sell. How does a customer feel about your company? Does your customer value the service you provide? Where is the emotional connection to the company accord? Transparent and kindness consider as the softer aspects of customer experience. And it can’t be measured easily. One way to measure it is a review system. Let the customers talk under your watch eye.  

Paperless BookIT by Gobiggi

Excellent customer service develops into the company culture. If the staff feel valued, they will value their customers and provide a service that impacts customers. 

In 2020 we will see customers trying to build emotional connections to companies that show interest in their feelings and back it with a consistent, technology-driven experience. 

3. The B2B World Is Inadequately Served:

In the B2C world, we see a vast improvement in customer experience. In the B2B space, we are lagging. For some unknown reason, we do not treat the business buyer as we address the regular consumer. 

paper business card vs paperless business card

Customer experience in the B2B is not what we get as a consumer. Business customers expect a mediocre experience. We need to step up the tools and customer experience. We saw a spike in ordering Dumpsters when we provide Book-It, an online booking software. Users can rent a dumpster online in less than a minute. A task that usually took 10 to 15 minutes become a 1-minute pleasure. Users enter the date, time, address, dumpster size, and the company does the rest. The ease of use, the convenient, the service behind create the experience the customer enjoys. 

At the same time, B2B companies are moving forward at a fast pace. Amazon Business will be valued at $31 billion in four years. Other B2B companies in many industries facing unbelievable growth. 

Socking is a Tesla quoter. In the last quarter of 2019, Tesla shipped 112,000 new cards. Because of the franchise laws surrounding car sales, Tesla customers must purchase the car online.112,000 vehicles and over 7.2 Billion Dollars all on the internet.  

And I am still talking to people who say, 

“The internet does not work.” 

If you are a B2B company, make a push for customer experience. Make transacting with you a pleasure. 

2020 will bring customer experience into a whole new era. 

4. Culture Is Now Number One Over Customers

Customer experience starts with creating a positive culture within the company. Employee experience goes hand by hand with customer experience. 

Changes you like to see on others starts with you. 

No matter how much you talk about customer experience when you start paying attention to employee experience, you will see a change in overall customer experience.  

We live in an ear of ‘MeToo’. You can no longer put problems under the rug; you must eliminate them. 

Re-think and re-do employee’s relations. Give your staff the training and resources to do a good job. 


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5. Make Your Employees A Proud Team:

Most don’t have a huge marketing budget to support a big marketing program, but there is one thing you have no other business does – your staff. 

Happy employees are great influencers. Appreciate their work, and they will participate

Start by making the workplace exciting. Get small technology programs that make everyday work-life comfortable or new widget others don’t have. “We gave all our employees the Interactive Paperless Business Card and asked them to text their new cards to their friends, customers, and family. It was a week of excitement. Our staff got busy texting new, old, and friends, their new paperless business card. Past customers made positive comments; people walked with a smile on their face. As the excitement grows, we added the Online Meeting Scheduler Software, and they start getting meeting requests. We get our staff to contribute to the Facebook page, Twitter, share on Instagram, and walk toll. 

Focus on customer experience in 2020. You will win it if you understand that the change you like to see starts with you. 

What Will Make 2020 Your Good Year?- Gobiggi Blog
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The trends are already on the way. What 2020 will be? How does a customer feel about your company? Does your customer value the service you provide?
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