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“The Last Dance” – More then You Thought

If you are an owner and businessperson, a young entrepreneur, a parent of an athlete, or a human being affected by society, this documentary is a must for you.

Let’s discuss this together because quite a few reviews have been written about “The Last Dance.” Yes, this is an excellent documentary. Yes, Michel Jordan is a different level, even though not everyone may agree. And yes, this is the best thing that has happened to the NBA and Nike during the COVID-19 era.

We can confidently say this because all basketball programs went back 20 years and never stopped analyzing history compared to the present, not to mention that Jordan’s product sales took off.

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to analyze this documentary from a completely different point of view. We live in an age where children receive awards for participating in something; A time when big players would rather play with big players than play against them and beat them;

A time when pushing ourselves outside of the box and moving away from their comfort zone, labeled as “crazy”.

Playing the business game requires strong legs and upper body, push, shove, and some technical foul. And it’s all good!


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Source: nba.com

Say what you want about Michael, he’s great, or he’s not, but we will agree ‘Michael ends up going into the basketball world to be the best.’ He did not come to the NBA to make friends; Michael played to crush the competition, to be the best there is, and to make a legacy for himself.

If there’s something that athletes, entrepreneurs, and business owners should take away from this program, it’s the importance of mental toughness. The importance of setting goals. Get up every morning, despite the difficulties involved, and say:

Today I’m going to take over the world. I’ll make sure I have the team to make it happen!

One of the questions that come up in U.S. programs analyzing the series is, “Will Jordan’s mentality and eagerness to win affect players who care more about their Instagram following and their brand?” As a fan of the industry, I hope there is a change in the perception of players here.

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One of the worn-out clichés is that the regular season is too long. Moreover, in many games, players allow themselves to play in first gear. Michael’s perception was that in every game, there was someone who paid money to see it. So, he had to deliver.

This mindset, of always giving 100%, whether it is a championship game or a regular game, is a quality we can all learn from. If we as entrepreneurs, young athletes, and business owners train ourselves to give each project our all, then failure will just seem to be another part of the growth process. Rather than quitting after a failed attempt, we can learn from it and move on.

Failure does not exist. Failure is on the road to success, if that the final objective.

Tim Gruber, Michael’s coach, wrote a book on mental toughness issues and showed us the importance of this mentality. This series showed us how to succeed in life, not just in a basketball program.
We come to realize the importance of the messages we give our children who win awards based on participation rather than hard work and desire for a win.

How to do Local SEO in 2020What message do we convey to a child who reaches 7th place and receives a trophy for participation?
Hard work, planning, knowing to take a calculated risk, making decisions, knowing how to turn failure to Do More, Do Better, Never compromise, Make adjustments, and always adapt to new situations. An inner flame of peak motivation will help you succeed, and help you present your business to people you didn’t think you could.

Failure does not exist. Failure is a sign on the road to success, if that the destination.
Today you are going to take over the world.