Elon Musk –How Badly He Disrupted The World.

The most controversial entrepreneur in the tech world disrupts the world almost in every traditional industry: cars, space shuttles, tunnels, and even the human brain. 

Entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the launch of his tunnel and transportation startup, The Boring Company. Recently he annoys the Queen of England, with a series of tweets. Some define them as a teaser for a new Tesla model and the tunnels project.


The eccentric technologist and a scandal expert are one of the most controversial figures in the business world.  Some people genuinely think Elon Musk is a disturbed man who is spreading vile promises to gather headlines, attention, free press and advertising. Smart! And when he started sharing his paperless business card he will be Brilliant!

Others claim that he is a genius- one that turns everything it touches into gold and consistently disrupts any traditional industry.

Musk, in the public consciousness, is a serial entanglement. He is controversial. Every attempt to read him and his modes of action destined for failure. So instead of pretending to infiltrate masculine psychology, here are the projects that Elon is involved in the past two decades.  Together it will put a much broader and intriguing puzzle on who is the man.

Musk, entrepreneurial journey started in South Africa, with a swell of the dot-bubble. He retired from graduate school two days after it began. With his brother and another partner, he founded Zip2. Zip2 was a software company that helped newspapers and magazines create a web presence. Four years later then-giant Compaq acquired Zip2 for over $ 300 million.

Musk’s next project put him on the map. He founded X.com.  An online payment company. Later, he merged with a similar company and establish today’s most popular services – PayPal. Three years later the company was acquired by e-Bay, for  $1.5 billion.

What is disruption?

Cutting 6 million trees, throwing 1000’s gallons of water to produce business card is a disruption.

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From here, Musk’s road was paved. The money he had allowed him to chase the wildest dreams. To land a research greenhouse on Mars and grow crops on the red star’s land. When he realized that one rocket would cost him $ 8 million, he decided to set up a company and manufacture space launchers (missiles) at a breaking price. In 2002, Space X was set up. The commercial space company is responsible for hundreds of launchers. Space X send equipment to the International Space Station, satellite launches and alike.

Space X’s allowed Mask to keep dreaming. He plans commercial flights to Mars.  Six months ago, he announced that a flight to Mars could cost “only” $ 100,000.  Recently he tweeted photos from the StarShip production facility – which in the near term should bring commercial flights to the moon, and later Mars.

Falcon 9 launches AMOS-17 off Pad 40 in Florida,

Falcon 9 launches AMOS-17 off Pad 40 in Florida,

And there is Tesla. One of the projects that have cemented Musk’s popularity – developing electric cars with complete autonomous capability. The intriguing Tesla did not start as Musk’s project. Elon joined the company a year and a half after being established as an investor. Later, he became CEO and Chief Product Architect. Tesla models lead the sales tables of electric cars in the world and pushed the traditional car manufacturers to develop and market hybrid and electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has positioned Musk as a successful technologist and ideologist. Troubled by global warming, congestion in major traffic cities, Elon found Solar City.  The company designed to deal with the installation of solar panels for both private and business users.

In October 2017, Tesla used solar panels and batteries to restore the electricity at San Juan’s Children’s Hospital. Musk said, “the first of many solar and battery Tesla projects going live in Puerto Rico.”

His evolvement with traffic solutions started with Tesla. Elon Concept ‘H’ included an underground tunnel that will enable a trip at a thousand miles per hour for autonomous vehicles. In December after the excavating a section of a tunnel below Space X in California, he introduced the first milestone.

“So in desperation, we are going to build a tunnel, and maybe that tunnel will be successful. And maybe it won’t.” Said Elon.

Watch: Elon Musk enters the Loop

And how will you dig a tunnel effectively? Elon Establish a company to dig the tunnel. Musk’s Boring Company founded in 2016.  The company aims to build fast digging technology for the tunnel system. He believed it will solve traffic congestion in crowded areas and will be the future traffic system.

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It doesn’t end there. Musk is also very interested in future developments of artificial intelligence. In 2015, Musk, together with other prominent entrepreneurs, founded OpenAI. A nonprofit venture that will make artificial intelligence technologies that will be widely available to the public.

A year later, he founded Neuerlink, a startup dedicated to exploring ways to link the human brain to artificial intelligence. They will try developing devices or chips in the human brain, in a robotic medical procedure. Last month, Musk unveiled the technology, which has already been tested on monkeys’ brains. The technology aimed to help paralyzed people to operate devices like a smartphone and a computer.

New and revolutionary? Not sure.

Mask various projects raise curiosity, and a lot of criticism. Some argued that Tesla would not survive its development. That Elon idea of settlement on Mars is a fantasy arising from madness. That Hyperloop project is just a media headline.

Most importantly – that Mask is nothing but a PR bomb. What is certain, the fascination with his ideas is real. Fact, we never stop talking about him.

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