Business Cards Aren’t Dead: They Become Paperless And Interactive.

business cards arent dead they are paperless now

We all apprehend that business cards are a pain. You have got to print them, get hold of them, keep them around and hand them out. Still, we tend to all do it because we predict that it helps build a relationship or a sale. And it does. Research shows that you grow your business 2.5% for every 2000 card you share.

More than 80% of business cards are trashed The first week after they’re exchanged. It turns out that this might not be true. You put your effort into networking and exchanging info. And out of 10 cards, you share 8 will find the way to the trash.

paper business cards go to trash once shared

Think about this- you worked hard to meet one hundred new connections. But only 10 keep your printed business card that you created with all the editing efforts. Only 6 make it to your contacts phone.

Does a paper business card help make new connections?

We’ve compiled some statistics and insight into how the paper business card industry influences our networking skills:

Huge Production

    • Business cards printed daily: 27 million
    • Business cards printed annually in the U.S: 10 billion

Less Profit.

    • Increase in Company sales for each 2,000 paper cards shared: 2.5%
    • Percent of business cards trashed in less than a week: 80%
    • Percent of individuals who throw away cards cause they don’t want the service at the moment: 63%
    • Percentage of individuals who add business card information into a digital list: 9-11%

So. Much. Money.

    • Annual U.S. business card printing business revenue: $798.6 million
    • Average spent across the country on a set of business cards as well as design and printing: $194

So. Much. Change.

    • First recorded the use of business cards: 15th century China
    • Percent of individuals who still exchange paper business cards in a meeting: 18%
    • How many Americans have a smartphone in 2018: 230 million

paper business cards are trashed

The moral of the story? Exchanging info with your contacts in a paperless method won’t only save both you and your new connection time and energy, but it’ll also prevent your info from ending up within the trash.

Paperless Business Cards are growing incredibly quickly but only about 15% of the print industry is actually online. There’s an amazing migration of bricks to clicks that Gobiggi, is part of.”– Jay Ben Avner (Gobiggi Paperless Business Cards, Maimi)

If you are looking towards a process to connect digitally with your prospects? Register for a Paperless Business card right now! And always stay connected with your most valuable connections.