How Can You Grow During COVID-19 Systematically and Consistently?

Companies like Dropbox or Mailchimp were able to grow without having a sales team or colossal ad campaigns. COVID-19, epidemic silent 50% of your competitors. There is no better time to follow their footsteps as long as you have the desire, commitment, and believe you have what it takes to grow a solid company.

The invisible mental ropes

It is horrible, but in captivity, the front legs of a baby elephant are tied to a small stake in the ground. They’ll fight and try to pull and run, but eventually, they’ll give up. Before long, they become giants. But the same thin rope keeps then tied; they never try to break free. They leave in the past.

We all need to tear the mental rope and unlock the growth!

Businesses are in the middle of an evolution. The internet disrupts local and national companies. The abundance of information, the variety of products and services available on the internet interrupt the relationship between a provider and a customer.

You can grab clients from competitors if you can commit to excellent services and fair prices. And there is no better time than Now. 

The opportunities are endless if we recognize that business today is a numbers game.  

Expose yourself and your business to a broad audience by using Media Channels and focus on acquiring one customer at-a-time.

How do you do it? 

Use relevant messages to reach your selected audience.

Define your audience based on 3 characteristics:

  1. Now Customers: those who have a need right now.
  2. Interested Prospects: those who may have future needs and will start looking in advance
  3. Curious Prospects: Those interested in your offer but need to learn more before they act.

How Do You Show Your Audience Your Products/Services and select your target?  

Letting people know your offering is affordable and straightforward. Create audience awareness using one or more of the following:

  1.   Email marketing
  2.   Social Media
  3.   Search Engine Optimization SEO
  4.   Video Marketing 
  5.   Pay Per Click Marketing 

Where Should You Start?

Out of the 5 recommendations listed above, I recommend starting with a

PPC – Pay Per Click campaign. 

Why PPC?  

PPC, otherwise known as a Pay-Per-Click campaign, attracts needy people. People who have a need and are ready to act.

PPC also offers instant advantages such as:

1. Immediate Results: You can expect results within 3 to 5 days.

2. 100% Controlled Spending: You have full power and control over the campaign. If you get new customers, then you can continue and improve the campaign. However, if you do not, then stop and analyze what went wrong. Change the messages or offerings and keep trying until you succeed.  This process a short and inexpensive.   

3. Understand the Target Customer: Learn more about your customer and understand where they are on the internet and what they like to hear.

4.  Study user Interaction on Your Website: Viewing the traffic on the website will display the good, bad, and ugly within the site. Focus on how your office responds to the traffic and call and make sure customer satisfaction is always at 100%.

5. Improve your PPC campaign: Update your campaign in real-time based on results.

6. Find Customer Intent: Behind every search, there is user intent. Responding to the user intent will lead to a new hot prospect.

Parallel to the PPC campaign:


After the Pay-Per-Click delivers new customers, then start with performing search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO.


Performing a PPC campaign pushes traffic to your online properties. Search engines will start to gain respect. It will set the time to improve SEO and demand the first-page position.

How Can You Approach SEO? 

SEO involves many details.

Your first question to any company that offers SEO services should be: “What keyword should I type in Google search that will feature your company on the first page?”.

The underlying message – If you can do it for your company, why and how would you do it for us?

Ask us this question, and you will see our products and clients first, everywhere.

Should you start Immediately? 


Warren Buffett stated that “Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

People who drive Rolls Royce understand that success comes with experts’ help – take this into consideration.

Here is the short SEO talk.

There are 10 organic spaces on the first page of Google. There are over 500 companies in each business category. They all like to be on the first page.

Why you? 

Why should Google give a place and Free Pre-Qualified Users?

How do you convince the search engine?

Demonstrate superiority in the searched subject and let your offerings drive users to action. To support your case in front of the search engine algorithm, use your Pay-Per-Click Campaign, Email Marketing traffic, improved website structure, and programming.

There are millions of pages, stories, and promises writing about SEO. There is not much else that I can add.

However, I will add that the basis of SEO is as it sounds: optimize your site to the way search engines read, store, and display information. Use common sense, experience, and have use people who understand database and programming.

Focus on the user’s intention when they are searching for a product or service and have information available, as well as offering a solution that will convince them to act!

We can demo many SEO results in less than a minute if new clients are on your mind. 

To Recap

Building a local brand using the internet is doable and affordable. There is only one condition: Do not try to grab customers from the entire state. Start in a small location with a little fishing rod before using a big net.

SEO Results Example:

Hopefully, you have understood that you can grow your company one step at a time. Believe in your ability, get advice, and move forward with the world.

Get started on advancing your company today.

Have a Biggi Day and be safe.