The Seven Sexy Rules For Business

seven sexy rules for your business

It is the toughest part to open a business. It takes great effort and risking saved money. You’ll, or you already did encounter one, two or three restless evenings, dilemmas and uneasiness. Once you open the door to your bakery, law firm, real estate, or any business, the challenge of ‘getting new customers’ become the primary concern.
Your objective is not to stay above water; you aim to have a growing number of customers.

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As a business owner, and at the sometime employee of the business, you deal with budgets, reports, inventories, and day to day work. But that can’t put a shade on the
main challenge:

Get Constant Flow of New Clients.
If you manage that, everything else will be just right.

Creating a constant flow of new clients requires out-of-the-box thinking. One approach is to attract prospects offline in one hand, and on the other hand, engage people online.

Nancy, the manager at Pronto Waste Service, said, ” For a long time we follow the tradition of sharing a business card. And we still do. But we realized, people do not keep or save the info or the card. If they need us now and have our information handy, they may call. If not, they will lose or trash the business card and search online when they need the service. So, we adapt to our prospect behavior. We do share the Paper Business Card, but we also text the interactive business card. We also know, how to program the Interactive Paperless Business Card to ‘auto-text’ every 60 days. We were told, “people will hate you.” The truth most find it helpful. They have the information under their fingertips when they need us. It works well.”

We must all Recognize and Agree:

The business establishment does Not Build The Business.
Customers Do!!!!

To engage and bring paying customers, we need to adapt to consumers and not expect miracles to happen.

Today’s Rule:
Use paper Card even though Paper is Useless; Sharing Interactive Paperless is Priceless! → →

The Seven Sexy Rules for Business:
  1. Romance the customers. Don’t expect the customer to run into your arms. They hardly run to their better half arms.
  2. Customers live in the ‘Now.’ They have all they need online when they need it.
  3. Excellent service is your best assets. Customers will pay more for excellent personal ‘massage’ service.
  4. You are not the only one who can satisfy a customer; Many will fight for the pleasure to fulfill customer needs.
  5. You do not give birth to new customers. You buy new customers to guarantee a constant flow of buyers.
  6. Buying New Customers is Called Marketing and Advertising. If you run from it, the business will run from you.
  7. If you think this is a jock, I am with you. But I follow this joke and laugh all the way to the bank. From the Paperless Business Card to Customers Reviews and referral, I am all vested and full of joy.