How To Find A Right Tagline 

how to find a tagline

In the summer of 2009, I visited a restaurant in a farmhouse. In the restroom, there was this sign. It read: 

Text your story gobiggi

It stuck in my memory. 

In 2014 I used it as one of 4 sets of ads. It read: 

Rent A dumpster

One day for a wholesale price and

the next day for a regular price.

Today it’s wholesale price. 

Call Affordable Dumpster Near me.

It delivered.  

It put a smile on faces and new clients on the books. 

Our recent blog article ‘Pay Per Click Versus Organic‘ triggered many questions. Conversations with our readers lead to a fundamental theme: 

How to develop a clear headline and a tagline, that engages and motivates the target audience?


Your slogan and headline need to be clear and must reach the emotional side of your audience.  

In 1988, the Nike slogan ‘Just do it’…put Nike on a 31-year growth path.  


Dan Wieden, the founder of Nike’s ad agency, said, “In reviewing the work the night before the client presentation, I felt we needed a tagline to give some unity to the work, one that spoke to the hardest hardcore athletes as well as those taking up a morning walk”…He continued, “We had A lot of shrugged shoulders, but they let it ride.”

The rest you know. ‘Just do it’ is now a part of human life. 



Personally, I have found it beneficial to invite the business community to join in what we believe add to them and us. 

The tagline we tested was “text your story.”


In general, our personal and business life are both a system directed by human relations. 

Storytelling builds relationships. Stories, relationship, and engagement go hand in hand. Ultimately, on a Date, Meeting, on your Business Card, Facebook, Website, Blog posts, Trade show – you are sharing your story in hopes of action. 

Sharing a Story, it’s an everyday reality that speaks to our core mission.

text your story gobiggi interactive paperless business card

So why did we test ‘Text your business story…’?

Because– your story and information must reach people’s soul. And today, Mobile Phone is part of the soul. Texting your Paperless Business Card is texting your story over and over.   

why to text your story? Gobiggi

Your motto or tagline needs to share your belief. Your message needs to incorporate in your Business Card and Website. You will use it in conversations, meta tags, and in your email copy. It needs to trigger emotions, stimulates, and brings customers closer to you.

How do you test your message?  

Some methods are not financially feasible. Knowing them can’t hurt. 

Many companies conduct a quantitative study. They pick 50 to 100 people that represent their target audience. They are divided into groups of 6 to 10 people. Using a moderator, they have a group discussion, personal interviews, and sometimes spontaneous call tests. 

Another method is qualitative testing. Qualitative testing is done via phone, email, and online programs designed for it. 

“We try to find an emotional connection to the copy and images,” said Dories Long a marketing manager at Affordable Dental Near Me.

Both methods are expensive. The moderator writes a discussion guide, moderates the group’s conversation, and writes a report. The cost is $15,000 and up. Quantitative testing can cost the same or more. 

How to Test your message for a Fraction?  

We do qualitative testing using Facebook, Microsoft, Email Marketing, and sometimes Google.  

We do not advertise. 

But picking up new business during the testing period is common. Often it pays and sometimes leaves a profit. But that’s not the point. 

Based on the media outlet, there are two to three components to testing a message. 

1. Headline – Attention grabber 

2. Body – Information that adds value to the audience

3. Image or video. 

First, I test the headline and message. 

If the headline read, “text your story.” 

Or “Charming smile does it.” 

Or, “feel the shine.” 

Without a line or two of explanation, it does not mean much to anyone.  

Step 1:

I open an account with Google or Microsoft ads. I create an ad campaign.

We enter 8 ad copies. Each ad read differently.  

One read

“Did you text your story today?” 

Text your business story in one professional  

corporate Paperless Business card.” 

The second ad Read 

“Text your Business story.”

Text your story via One corporate professional 

Interactive Business-Card

The Third read

Paperless Interactive Business Card 

“Test your Business story with One Professional Business Card 


For another service 

The Tagline Feel The shine 

Feel the shine.

Marble Polishing Near

We’ll not leave until you feel the shine.

Shine tomorrow. Call Now.  


Other Service Dental Service

Charming Smile Does it.

Are you ready for Valentine day?  

Teeth Whitening- Affordable dental Near Me.


For each service, we post eight different ad copies and let the ads run. After 10 to 14 days, the ads guide you to the most popular ad copy and users favorite search terms. The combination of keywords and the ads that got the most number of clicks will put you on the path to a refined tagline. 

Invest $30 to $50 a day for 14 days (total- $400 to $900), and get a good understanding of what motivates your target audience. 

Step 2: Social Media

Dress the words with an image(s) and colors and take it to social media. Social media audiences are not product or service seekers. They will click on an attractive post. This test will bring you to the tagline and image that talk to your audience.  

Proper testing may cost $300 to 600.  

Step 3: Website

Take the findings and improve your website’s look and copy. 

Finally – 

Start the entire process one more time. But now you will experience growth you did not expect or planned for. 


The process is not as simple as 1,2,3, but it works. 

It does consume time. 


Don’t Forget… 

Text your story today? 

Text all your info in one

Professional Corporate Interactive Business-Card.